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Persian Healing with Age old Traditional recipes

A commitment to better body care, a better environment, a better life for everyone!

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Project Description

My Grandmother’s Afghani Secrets for Wellness and Cure!!

Our Vision:

Our Skin defines our beauty! Healthy, glowing and radiant skin is everyone’s dream! The skin is the body's largest organ and accounts for the absorption of vital minerals to unwanted toxins. 

Conventional bath and beauty products often contain toxins. Mindfulness about how our actions affect our world is critical if we're going to leave things better than we found them. 

Our planet is rediscovering being thoughtful of our care. We are what we eat and what we use for our bodies. Our Nature has blessed us with a lavish bounty and we need to respect and enjoy its spread! Being healthy, Being beautiful, Being thoughtful is the need of the hour!


Our Story:

Decades ago, in 1950, Ishrat, my grandmother migrated from her homeland in Afghanistan to India where she made her nest in a small village in India. 

She is a genius at concocting traditional home remedies for skin, hair, and wellbeing. 

Her traditional recipes have been our only source for body care. When my grandmother fell ill, it suddenly struck me that no one else in the family knew how to make these secret wonderful remedies. I realized that the story needs to be told, these recipes need to be continued and all of our needs to benefit from these natural healers.


TAASEER ™ is our endeavor in bringing you a product with the best of our traditions, a pure Nature & Natural Healing! A traditional offering from age-old culture – a mix of Persia, Afghan & India!! We have made with Innayat and Khuloos, which means ‘grace’ and ‘hearty’.


Our a year-old brand TAASEER ™ now offers fifteen products priced between $2.00 and $40.00, ranging from a potent tooth powder made with walnut bark, cardamom, dried neem, meswak and cloves to a perfume that aids in meditation and helping in aligning chakras. 

Nijaat – an exquisite pain relief oil elixir that has more than 25 benefits in nature including relieving migraine, arthritis, joint pain and body muscular pains, cervical pain, elongated bone pain, and even menstrual pains.


Our products are sold in small quantities because the pure and chemical-free ingredients are quite expensive. One of our earliest products, the Moajaza hair oil, uses 47 herbs and 12 base oils including homemade cow ghee, all prepared in a traditional copper vessel.


We personally extract the cold-compressed oil from almond, coconut, pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber, sesame, sunflower and flax seeds in particular. We’re able to achieve a very high rate of purity because of this. Our grandma, Ishrat, who is now 92, is still the signing-off authority on each preparation!


Intent to move forward:

I am conscious of the impact packaging products have on the environment and strive to reduce unnecessary waste and energy. This is an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint by buying local as much as possible. Everything we consume from paper and glass requires energy to manufacture. Recycling, refilling and reusing greatly slim down the carbon footprint. 


Using basic parchment paper, boxes, mailings, and even tape that is recycled is part of my responsibility to this company and to Mother Earth. 



  • Craft the products in  small batches to maximize the use to high potential, ideally 3 months
  • Source natural, organic and wild-harvested ingredients from small villages in Afghan, India, and Iran with a commitment to forest and plant conservation
  • We don’t use any harmful ingredients 
  • Use 100% raw plant materials and plant preservatives. No synthetics or chemicals. NO CHEAP FILLERS
  • Practice Ethics and integrity in creating these products
  • Take special care to source environmentally and socially responsible packaging and shipping materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable




…a little help from you for TAASEER ™ to grow. Over the last year, we have worked to create and package these amazing products, held organic and natural promo exhibitions, and secured a studio space for our production.  To ensure purity, we have got our products lab tested.


Our Studio

Natural and Wellness Expo's and flea market exhibitions


We also received our Halal certification this year in 2019 and also our Lab testing report.

Encourage Us! Support Us!

Generosity begets Generosity! We need $8500 dollars so that we can go global!  We need to reach a wider audience to benefit from our products and related passions. Here's how we will use the fund raised,

· $2500 – Mandatory quality check certifications like ISO, GMP, Ayush Premium Mark, and MSDS

· $3700 – Global Natural and organic exhibitions and expos held in Dubai 2020, London and Europe.

· $1500 - Supplies, tools, and machines

· $800 –   Shipping worldwide certifications per product



We want to thank you for taking the time to listen to our story and for your support, but we especially want to thank our partners, friends, and family who have spent countless hours and resources to reach so far. You inspire us to create and do great things - thank you!


We know you have our backs, but also know that some people just can't contribute financially. That doesn't mean you can't help though. Get the word out and make some noise about our project!


All Natural. Smells Great. Afghanistan Proud.

There are many women in our communities who don't have the luxury of being able to use natural products. They are finding safety, food, income, and housing. My goal is to use TAASEER ™ to help these Afghan refugee women. 


These are the women in our community who are most in need of our tenderness and humanity. We work with self-help women groups, to collaborate with TAASEER™ to enable them to earn their living. A small way to support the financial independence of women!  We want to grow TAASEER™ so that we can do more good, spread cheer and happiness, in more places. If you're a part of an organization that meets the needs of women going through hard times e-mail me at contact@TAASEER .com and we can work on getting products together for the women you serve.

Risks and challenges

I work exclusively with small companies and small farms that offer the best quality organic, natural and wild-harvested ingredients. Due to unpredictability of Mother Nature, there may be delays in harvesting or, heaven forbid, a bad crop. Conditions such as this could delay my production. I'd rather wait to get the best products out to you than to settle for a mediocre ingredient. If this happens I will keep you informed and appreciate your patience. My focus is to provide the best quality skincare products that I possibly can.

Your support will go along a long way to cherish and nurture my passion. A commitment to better body care, a better environment, a better life for everyone! 







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