Are outside food and beverages allowed in the space? You can get hungry sometimes while creating, ya know??!  Yes, outside food and beverages are ok.  Members will have access to a small kitchenette area.  Food and beverage rules will be clearly stated in the membership agreement. 

How can I get my membership card? About a month before we open we'll host a couple of membership mixers where you can get a quick tour of the space and pick up your ID card 

How can I purchase a membership add on?  All membership add on's include a various monthly material budget.  You'll pay for this add on monthly once we open.

Are there any fitness classes I can take in the space?  Our classrooms are designed to be multipurpose and we've chatted with a few instructors about offering yoga/fitness classes.  More info to come soon! 

Do you have any partnerships with other local businesses? Our idea is collaboration over competition. As a member, your ties with The Northeast Arts Commune are long-lasting and far-reaching.

Can I gift a membership or reward?  Heck yes!  Thinking of a creative in your life that could benefit?  Offered perks for supporting The Northeast Arts Commune make great gifts. Providing access to this community is an opportunity for the creative type in your life to further develop, network and connect. You are able to put any of our rewards in another person's name. 

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