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Funding Update : 22 days left on iFundwomen! :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has backed our campaign both online and in person.  Together we've raised $4,200+ !! (before fees) 😍 😍😍 

Rewards will start to ship the first week of March and we'll circle back to confirm shipping info with everyone closer to the end of our campaign.

Thus far, we have not been able to secure the funds necessary to sign our lease.  And, that's not going to stop us. 😈 As a for-profit business, we'd need to secure a fiscal sponsor to be eligible for grants.  We've spent the past few weeks plugging in with various organizations and have applied for two grants.

We've also applied to cohort 3 of Lunar Startups: a new model for startup incubation specializing in growth, connection, and innovation for women, people of color, and other high potential entrepreneurs.  You can learn more about Lunar Startups here.  Know of any possible grant opportunities for us??  Please let us know!!

Know someone who'd back us $5?? The more backers on our campaign, the better our chances are for securing a grant by showing just how much the community needs this.  Please, share our campaign with them! :) 

Backed our Contributor Mural??  Our original intention was to paint the mural directly on the wall in our space.  However, since we're not 100% sure when we will have our space, we're going to construct and paint a 6' by 6' canvas at home to hang in the space when we secure it. AND, because we're a little broke yet very crafty 😉😉, we usually make our big canvases with whatever fabric and wood we can find around the house.  It's always a fun process and we'll post some updates! :) 

By the people, for the people!! 💜 Thanks again. 

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