Money Savvy Kids Club

Money Savvy Kids club where our goal is to promote financial literacy at the elementary level

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Project Description

With the lack of financial literacy education throughout the child’s maturation through school it is extremely hard for them to manage daily living expenses when they become of age.  In addition to this, most college students have to finance their educations without even understanding debt and how much of it they should incur.  Studies show that during the exit counseling for students that have taken out loans, most don’t understand and just see it as another requirement instead of an opportunity to learn about the debt that they have just incurred.  Those who are financially illiterate are less likely to have a checking account, rainy day emergency fund, retirement plan, or to own stocks. They are also more likely to use payday loans, pay only the minimum amount owed on their credit cards, have high cost mortgages, and have higher debt and delinquency levels.

With WATT Business Solutions we want to partner with the schools in Maryland to deliver the financial literacy curriculum that is lacking in our schools today.  Our goals are to aide the children on how to create and foster positive relationships with money, add and strengthen the children’s financial vocabulary, support the students in understanding savings, spending, investing, charitable giving, goal setting, and planning for financial success, and to help the children understand real-life financial situations.