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Project Description

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  Lust Cosmetics

Our Luxury Nail Lacquer

Lust Cosmetics nail lacquer is vegan & 8 free, colors are inspired by seasonal and fashion trends with a glamour touch. Lust Cosmetics is designed for luxury and high fashion inspirations for fashionistas. Colors are handpicked based on run way collections and seasonal trends. With trendy colors and special collections, Lust creates a fashion forward and special experience for customers. Luxury should not be determined by one’s skin tone, but by one’s lifestyle and preference!

Our Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up Shop

We are excited to announce Lust Cosmetics first Luxury Pop-Up shop spring 2018 with LA inspired style and fashion. Lust Cosmetics engaging appearance and innovative design will create an experience customers will remember. Hosting a pop-up shop attracts customers because the concept of scarcity, the shop is just for a limited time so customers are more likely to come out and shop. Lust Cosmetics will provide an upscale experience and a variety of luxury nail lacquers for manicures. Customers and potential customers can interact with the brand  in a physical space and handle the merchandise. We are offering VIP tickets for the pop-up shop which creates an ultimate experience for customers. Lust cosmetics is here to change the beauty industry and our first stop is luxury nail lacquer with exclusive pop-up shops.

Lust Cares Campaign


Lust Cares Campaign is our social impact mission to help support non for profit organizations and inspire individuals of all ages to embrace their inner and outer beauty. Lust Cares Campaign will choose one organization every year to donate 20% of proceeds from a selected color of choice. Our recycle initiative is also a part of Lust Cares Campaign our mission is to encourage customers to recycle by providing an incentive. If customers return their bottles, 10 bottles or more, customers will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase. Our sustainable packaging aligns with our mission and goals, we are dedicated to supporting the environment and providing 100% recycled packaging for our products. Our packaging is made in Bali by women owned recycled paper boutique! Lust Cosmetics incorporates philanthropy within our core values, our Lust Care’s Campaign supports Non-Profit Organizations. We are proud to enrich the definition of Luxury Vegan Cosmetic brands on an elite global scale.

Our Exclusive Sustainable Packaging


ChildrenOur packaging is custom made from a women’s owned boutique in Bali! The packaging is hand-made using 100% post consumer recycled paper collected from schools, offices, hotels and homes around Bali. It is colored using natural dyes taken from the earth, roots and leaves, and is textured with the addition of sustainable plant fibers such as bamboo and flower petals. No chemicals, bleaches or unsustainable practices are used at any stage of the paper making process.

Our CEO and Founder


I am determined to have a seat at the table in an otherwise male dominant industry, I sought to create a luxury brand that was exclusive but inclusive for all, while offering conscious chic products for all skin tones. Lust Cosmetics understands inclusion and diversity, while some luxury brands fall short of providing a variety of products for multiple skin tones. Anyone can shop Lust Cosmetics knowing they will find a product fit for them! Inclusivity is vital for creativity and success within the beauty industry; everyone is created equal and fabulous.


Lust Cosmetics Disrupts The Beauty Industry

Delta sign

Lust Cosmetics is bridging the gap between luxury and inclusion by providing cosmetics for all skin tones. Lust Cosmetics will enter the vegan beauty space with luxury and variety, we provide exceptional quality products with limited edition collections for fashionistas.

Our Philanthropy

Africa 1

Africa 2

Youth Empowerment In Ghana, Africa: On a recent trip to Ghana In May, I had the pleasure of meeting girls from the “Play and Learn Foundation”. During my visit I spoke about “Girl Power”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Education” and “Passion”. I wanted to share my journey with the girls to encourage future girlbosses to chase their dreams and passions in life. The advice I always give is “Never let your current circumstances dictate your future”, anything is possible with hard work and dedication! I will continue to empower youth through my philanthropy work.