Little Makers Academy

Innovative Child Care and Makerspace Learning in Downtown Raleigh for Kids Aged 6 Weeks to 12 Years Old

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Project Description

We know first-hand that child care is full of compromises!

That’s why Little Makers Academy offers the best of all worlds.

We provide nurturing care alongside an innovative early-education experience that prepares kids to transition to school — all at a convenient downtown-Raleigh location.

We are a makerspace preschool and child-care center opening in July of 2017 on South Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh for kids from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

Our school is the first to combine a maker-style curriculum with flexible childcare options to support families who work and live in downtown Raleigh and surrounding areas.

What is a makerspace preschool?

The Makerspace philosophy is based on the idea that kids learn best when they’re at play.

Our learning framework is based on the 4Cs: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Little Makers Academy is a highly child-centered program, with flexible seating, an indoor play space and a low child-to-teacher ratio.

We incorporate STEAM activities into our makerspace curriculum, offering age-appropriate science, art, engineering, math and technology-focused classes, including early-age coding and circuitry fundamentals.

Relief for working families

Child care logistics and planning can make life really stressful.

In addition to nursery and preschool offerings, we provide day, summer and track-out camps for kids through 6th grade. We also offers single-day camps for teacher workdays and bank holidays.

Our corporate sponsorship program provides simple, flexible options for businesses to provide child care for their employees. For more information on corporate programs, email

As an added convenience, we’re hard at work on plans to provide transportation services for pickup and drop off in the near future.

About the Founder

aliceFounder and director Alice Nelson, a public school–system veteran, founded Little Makers Academy to solve the challenges her family faced with two active kids and two working parents.

Why iFund Women?

“On top of the logistical challenges of child care, we saw a need for a challenging curriculum that would keep kids engaged while preparing them for Kindergarten. Our makerspace program does just that,” says Nelson, “we’ve become invested in our mission through our personal experience — we want to design a child-care experience to better prepare kids for public school while making life a little easier parents who work.”

Your support helps bring a better preschool experience to working families in downtown Raleigh. Here are just a few things we’re working to fund:

  • A school van or bus: Your support will enable us to provide drop-off and pickup services, field trips and more.
  • The best technology: Support through iFundWomen helps us bring the newest and coolest learning tools to our school to give your kids a leg up on learning.
  • Support for our neighbors: Additional funding helps us offer Camp Scholarships for kids who need a little extra financial support.

What’s in it for you?

Besides that warm fuzzy feeling you get from helping others, we’ve created exclusive offers and discounts just for IFW backers.

Check out the rewards descriptions for details. For information on corporate sponsorship and events, email us at