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Apprenticeship Abroad: Kenya 2022!

Help us bring our job training alumni to Kenya to build a sustainable farm for a school!

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Project Description

The Urban Wild is a New York City-based nonprofit organization (registered 501c3) dedicated to making sustainable agricultural technology more accessible to areas affected by food insecurity. We believe we can educate, empower and ultimately, uplift vulnerable communities out of food-insecure states through the use of localized sustainable agriculture and pathways to opportunities in the green sector.

As climate-caused drought threatens to leave 1.8 billion people in a water-scarce state by 2025, it is crucial that food-insecure communities have the means to utilize growing methods that reduce water consumption (like hydroponics and aquaponics) locally.

Agriculture Technology is a $14 Billion dollar industry that is growing as the demand for sustainable agriculture and controlled-farming systems gain popularity. One driver of this market growth is the rise in water insecurity that is resulting from climate-caused drought globally, coupled with the opportunity to use up to 90% less water for commercial agriculture systems by utilizing farm methods like hydroponics and aquaponics. While demand for technology-enabled food systems that can adapt to climate-caused drought increases, the state of water insecurity in Kenya is becoming more critical and has directly impacted food security for Kenyan people. A joint report from the FAO, UNICEF and World Food Programme's 2020 Food Security report forecasts continued deterioration of livestock, farmland, and arable soil due to the drought that has been damaging farm supply chains in Kenya since 2017.

The Urban Wild aims to address this issue in 2 ways. The first is to bring our agriculture technology job training alumni to Kenya to build out a sustainable farm space (using aquaponic farming practices and integrative technology that can run on solar power) to a school site in Nairobi. The second is to provide training to a local Kenyan farmer, school staff members, and students on how to manage the farm & replicate its practices in Nairobi using readily available materials in their community.

We hope to achieve 3 main goals with this our Apprentice Abroad:

  • Provide community members in Kenya who are directly impacted by food scarcity with a climate-resistant, sustainable food system that yields healthy produce and fish year-round 
  • Equip community members in Kenya who are directly impacted by water scarcity with the necessary skills and tools to build sustainable food systems that utilize up to 90% less water
  • Empower our NYC-based job training alumni with an immersive experience abroad where they will apply the skills they've gained during our job training course & learn firsthand what the issue of climate caused drought is doing to rural & impoverished communities (and the potential impact it can have on global food supply chains)

We are seeking funding to cover the costs of:

  • Materials for the farm build & maintenance (PVC, IBC totes, Pumps, Solar Panels, Sensors, Greenhouse, tools, etc.)
  • A small stipend to assist Kenyan Farm Manager with job transition ($750 per month for 4 months)
  • Flights for staff & alumni to go to Kenya (6 Job Training Alumni, 2 Staff Members, other staff members will be present but will cover their own flight costs)
  • Passports, vaccines & required travel documentation for entry into the country (for job training alumni who do not have these items or the means to cover these costs)
  • Lodging costs for the stay in Nairobi for up to 12 people
  • Food for our apprentices, staff and to share with the students at the school during build days
  • Transportation costs to get to and from the site for build days
  • Shipping costs (for materials that can't be found locally)

    We hope that by making the most affordable, accessible version of advanced farming solutions and skills available to communities at the epicenter of the water and food crisis; that we can develop a scalable food security solution together.

    Thank you for supporting us and our mission to Change Food For Good.



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