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All for Music & Music for All!

I desire to provide music instruction to all who are wanting to learn, regardless of age or disability. You can help make that happen!

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Project Description

Simply put: I desire to provide music instruction to all who are wanting to learn, regardless of age or disability.

   The community that I live in has monopolized the private instruction industry. It is incredibly expensive to enroll and continue education. Some even have annual membership fees just to maintain student status. My goal is to cut my competitors down to size by offering lessons at a much more affordable rate for those who have a true desire to learn, but may not have the means to pay for expensive membership fees or tutors. 

   I would like to service Pennington County, SD as well as the surrounding counties which totals over 177,000 people, not including grade school students who may want to pursue string or theory lessons. I offer individual violin, viola & cello lessons, customized to each students learning abilities as well as standard music theory so students can develop at their own pace.  

  • In a public setting, competition for a high chair placement in a group or ensemble, music difficulty and other factors can make certain individuals uncomfortable and discourage them from continuing their music goals. 
  • Eventually, I would like to set up one or more ensembles to help support and encourage one another. The biggest factor is my students knowing that they are in a safe and judgment free environment.  

   When I receive a new student, the first meeting is always to establish who they are, why they are interested, and what they hope to achieve by taking lessons. At this point, they receive a binder with basic information about their instrument and very basic music theory examples, a mechanical pencil and notebook, a theory workbook and practice book. Next, depending on the age and size of the student, they are sized for an instrument to ensure proper posture and handling and to help retain muscle memory as time progresses. 

   Instruments and the necessary supplies can rack up a pretty big bill, which can also prevent people who enjoy music to actually take up the art. The price tag of instruments can leave some individuals with a 'deer in the headlights' look. Ideally, I'd like to offer a type of layaway option for families to reduce the initial impact.  As you will see below, it really adds up. A large part of surrounding community includes low-income and government funded housing areas, and I don't want that to stop individuals from wanting the opportunity to learn and grow. 

In order to have instruments ready to go for my students, I would need to buy them in advance. Beginner instruments come in 4 sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, & full size. This means I would have a minimum of 12 instruments, and accessories for each instrument available to new students at all times. Below is the average cost for one student to be properly equipped with the necessary items they would need to succeed.

  • For New Students: Instruments & Materials (Variance depends on instrument and quality)
    • Student Violin: $200 - $300 (Depending on size)
    • Student Viola: $300 - $400 (Depending on size)
    • Student Cello: $450 - $600 (Depending on size)
    • Student Bow: $30 - $70
    • Chin rest/Cello Stop: $15
    • Hard Cases: $50 - $300
    • Strings (individual): $15 - $20
    • Strings (full set): $50 - $120
    • Fine Tuners (full set): $10-$30
    • Dark Rosin & Peg Grease: $5
    • Binder, Pencil & Notebook: $12
    • Theory workbook: $20
    • Practice Book: $20
    • Portable Music Stand: $50

Average Material costs for new students: $462 - $1,262

I have 'been in business' since January 23rd, 2020, when I became an established entity registered with the State of South Dakota. COVID-19 has halted my development of the company in more than one way, as I'm sure it has done the same with many up and coming companies around the world. Students have not resumed lessons and families are not looking for any added expenditures with the cuts we've all been experiencing. Thus far, all expenses have been out of pocket or set up by yours truly. Logo and website development and basic social media presence are all things that have been started and I hope to have finalized very soon. I currently work full time with a construction company doing their bookkeeping and HR related duties to fuel my dream of starting up my own Music Lesson Studio. 

My wonderful fiance, Hugh, and service dog, Thunder, are on my team and lending me their full support to allow my passion to take flight and I can't thank them enough! Also, to those that are willing to help support my efforts, please accept my most sincere thanks, not only from me, but from my future students!

You are wonderful!


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