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Hillside Lavender Farm – Barn Restoration

Reward: Monetary Contribution with No Reward

Just Because I Care

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Reward: Hillside Lavender Farm Fresh Bundle of Lavender

Fresh bundle of lavender (Est. Delivery Date will be when flowers are budded or in bloom- June through August 2017)

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Reward: Relaxing lavender cold-processed soap

Bar of Lavender cold-processed soap- (scents available: lavender sage, lavender vanilla, lavender, lavender mint) . Scent selection information will be gathered at the end of the campaign. Est. delivery date is June 2017

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Reward: Lavender yoga mat spray

8-ounce lavender yoga mat spray. Stay in down dog forever with this amazing smelling spray. Est. delivery date is June 2017.

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Reward: Lavender Bath Soaking Salts in Glass Jar

You will not want to get out of the bathtub. Ever. These lavender bath soaking salts are a must-have for any bath lover, shower lover or high-strung person. You'll thank us later.

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Reward: Love lavender? Want to learn more? Have a Skype Consultation with Amy (30 minutes)

During the month of March you will receive a 30 minute Skype call with me. Donors would be able to ask me anything about choosing varieties of lavender/growing lavender/planting/starting a business/homesteading/livestock/etc.

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Reward: Locally sourced picnic for four at Hillside Lavender Farm

Treat your family or friends (4 people) to a delicious, locally sourced picnic at our farm in Hummelstown, PA. Need a gift for Mothers Day, a birthday or just an excuse to get out in nature?

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Reward: Lavender Tea Party for 10

Gather a group of ten to come to our Lavender Farm for a Lavender Tea Party. The event will be locally catered and you guests will leave with many lovely lavender products from our farm.

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Reward: Hillside Lavender VIP Dream Maker

Hillside Lavender Hoodie, AND (4) Tickets to our Private Grand Opening Party, AND your name or company name displayed inside our renovated barn

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