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Houston, TX

Savvie Cards

Seeking funding to revolutionize the electronic gift giving marketplace.

17% Funded
27Days Left
New york, NY

Venezolanas in Tech

ViT is a non-profit community of Venezuelan women, our mission is to Inspire and empower women to pursue a career in technology.

0% Funded
247Days Left
Cartagena, BOL

Redefining Trash

Our mission: Recycle glass waste currently being landfilled into silicon fertilizer!

6% Funded
46Days Left
Health + Science
Social Good
Akron, OH


Our mission is sustainability for Planet Earth. EarthXYZ. Sustainability Simplified.

0% Funded
115Days Left
Ellicott city, MD

NAL Media: Family & Friends

NAL Media is an online networking platform for creatives to connect and gain access to mentorship.

10% Funded
39Days Left
Art + Music
Modern Media
Los angeles, CA

Herd: Non-Toxic Social Media

We are the first social app aimed to empower casual creation, limit comparison and protect its users wellbeing and data.

1% Funded
10Days Left
Bozeman, MT

Your 'GPS' for Success!

Partner with us as we provide womxn with tools to be GUTSY. When womxn are Gutsy, have a plan, & work their plan… everyone wins! 

3% Funded
49Days Left
Business Services
Health + Science
Social Good