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Miami, FL

The Mujerista

The Mujerista is a digital media publication and network dedicated to empowering and celebrating Latinas making an impact.

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Modern Media
Aurora, CO

Dope Mom Life

I have been asked how people can help me as inequities are being highlighted more than ever. This is one of the options, donate!

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Modern Media
Brooklyn, NY

We Roam Freely

Help us uplift and showcase women and non-binary artists of color.

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Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Memphis, TN


When women and mothers seize their vision by living a life of JOY by Design, the world thrives! Please support this campaign and our growth!

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Modern Media
Birmingham, AL

belladonna magazine

beautiful woman, deadly nightshade. either is appropriate. belladonna magazine is a love letter to bold women.

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Modern Media
Brookyln, NY

Apostrophe Puzzles

Apostrophe Puzzles creates modern, fun, and vibrant jigsaw puzzles that showcase the work of contemporary artists of color.

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Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Los angeles, CA

Join us at the Super.

Super Media Company is a contemporary collective and digital media brand that supports creative people of color.

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Art + Music
Business Services
Modern Media
Social Good
West palm beach, FL


Increasing The World's Happiness Quotient!

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Health + Science
Modern Media
Social Good