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Granada hills, CA

Uplift Us Marketplace

A retail store that celebrates black culture by dedicating 100% of their shelf space to black owned businesses.

3% Funded
77Days Left
Business Services
Social Good
Malden, MA

A Home for Jamaica Mi Hungry

With your help, Jamaica Mi Hungry will outfit a new production kitchen and event space, create fulltime jobs, & increase our visibilitty!

1% Funded
0Days Left
Boston, MA

BÈL Monique

Everyday Women of Color on the Cover of Magazines, through Empowering Editorial Experiences!

7% Funded
0Days Left
Raleigh, NC

Reborn Clothing Co.

Transform the clothing that has been abandoned in the back of your closet.

29% Funded
0Days Left
Baltimore, MD

Well-Kept Beauty

We keep track of the expiration dates of your beauty products for healthy skin and the ultimate beauty routine.

51% Funded
0Days Left
Los Angeles, CA

Dame Body Butters & Scrubs

A women's movement to revitalize & reveal the true natural glow of urban Dames through luxury botanical beauty & wellness practices.

11% Funded
0Days Left