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This is a monthly grant where IFundWomen reinvests 20% of our standard crowdfunding fee revenue into live campaigns on the site. To be considered for an IFundWomen Pay-It-Forward Grant, you need to crowdfund on our platform and crush your campaign.  Watch us announce our past winners on Facebook Live

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Grant Winners

Meet our June Pay-It-Forward Winners. Watch us announce the winner on Facebook.

Cheyenne Varner

Everyday Birth Magazine is a biannual print and digital magazine for parents, showcasing real-life hospital, birth center, and home birth stories, as well as educational content written by professionals. Everyday Birth has a commitment to centering historically and popularly underrepresented people.

Olivia Gardner & Cam Perdido

Transformative Teach is an in-person & online learning platform that equips educators to dismantle the School-to-Prison-Pipeline. They are a toolkit, training program, and accountability partner for education stakeholders who believe in teacher and youth power.

Lauren Luna

Urban Playground is a series of paintings documenting what life in major cities looks like in 2020. The series will serve as a snapshot of what life was like during this exact time. Lauren is raising funds for a solo show scheduled for Fall 2020.

Kisha Howell

Harambee—which is Swahili for “Let’s Pull Together”—is a digital community for women of color. The intersection of being a woman and a person of color creates a unique experience of isolation and invisibility, specifically within the United States context. The mission of The Harambee Collective is to curate experiences that provide women of color with layered intimate connections to each other.

Jimanekia Eborn

Tending the Garden is a healing retreat for marginalized individuals who need to feel seen, supported, and heard in an environment wherein they will be respected. Jimanekia is raising money to pay for facilitators, producers, and airfare down to Costa Rica.

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