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My crowdfunding campaigns

Raise debt-free funding for your startup, small business, non-profit, or side hustle, without giving up control of your company, through rewards-based crowdfunding.

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Active campaigns

Get inspiration from and support other entrepreneurs. Fund these featured businesses.

Hampton, NJ

Other Parents Like Me

OPLM is an online peer support community designed for caregivers of teens struggling with mental health and/or substance use issues

9% Funded
32Days Left
Oklahoma city, OK

Sweet Yield Studio

A creative dance studio and well-being community rooted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We're growing and need your help!

13% Funded
27Days Left
Art + Music
Social Good
Pittsburgh, PA

The Remembering Room

The Remembering Room is a free interactive public exhibit that provides a communal healing space for people to process feelings of grief.

27% Funded
80Days Left
Art + Music