iFundWomen is a crowdfunding ecosystem designed for female entrepreneurs.


It's so much more than crowdfunding.

Named by NASDAQ’s as one of the “10 Best Sources of Funding for Women Entrepreneurs”, iFundWomen takes a holistic approach to startup funding by offering a flexible crowdfunding platform, expert crowdfunding coaching, professional video production, and a private community for you to connect with other female founders in the hustle. 


Citizen G

Clean makeup & skincare designed for teens that is inclusive, inspirational & allows them to express their best, most creative selves.

Los angeles, CA
34% Funded
$16,907 Raised
Days Left
Social Good

Love Squad

We are aiming to provide resources and tools to help our community with their professional and personal lives.

New york, NY
10% Funded
$9,840 Raised
Days Left


Women sharing best products, services, & workplaces in partnership with the companies & organizations that love us.

Erie, CO
53% Funded
$5,252 Raised
Days Left


Nashville's first co-working space designed for women who desire to connect, collaborate and grow professionally and personally.

Nashville, TN
30% Funded
$30,156 Raised
Days Left
Modern Media


Help GRLSQUASH make the switch to Hemlock Printers (Kinfolk, Gather Journal) for our forthcoming third issue, TAKING ROOT (Summer 2019).

Cambridge, MA
39% Funded
$3,888 Raised
Days Left


Womaze is a free app for self-empowerment & personal growth. Find tools for anxiety relief, self-love, body image, and more.

Boca raton, FL
100% Funded
$12,016 Raised
Days Left
Modern Media

Trix Magazine

Trix Magazine fuses the design of a glossy magazine with editorial that speaks to the curiosity, agency and grit of women around the world

New york, NY
88% Funded
$26,395 Raised
Days Left
Social Good


BETTERISH is a platform the honors and encourages people to make better things, better relationships and all around better days.

Denver, CO
49% Funded
$5,848 Raised
Days Left

Paige Academy

To celebrate 50 years of educational and cultural excellence, Paige Academy is raising $50,000 to sustain our innovative mission.

Roxbury, MA
8% Funded
$4,220 Raised
Days Left

Beauty by Dr. K

A new beauty line for natural hair backed by science with a focus on ease of use. Developed by celebrity hair stylist Dr. Kari Williams

Los angeles, CA
29% Funded
$4,405 Raised
Day Left
Modern Media


When mamas are successful, everyone wins. This crowdfunding campaign supports our growing village getting the tools they need to thrive.

Brooklyn, NY
101% Funded
$101,383 Raised
Days Left

Need private startup coaching?

We feel you. Starting a company can be at once exhilarating and exhausting. Toiling away on your own will not get you to where you need to go. You need an unbiased expert to help you hone in on your best idea, and strategize with you on how to bring it to life. That's what we do. We are in this with you.