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Level up your skills by getting educated on a wide variety of important business and fundraising topics through our virtual learning platform. Virtual workshops are led by IFundWomen coaches and expert guest instructors. Workshops are approximately one hour and are always recorded and archived in the IFundWomen Library in case you can’t make it. 

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October 2021

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Strategic Marketing: How to Build Your Online Audience

Back to Business Workshop Series, presented in partnership with Squarespace: Finding and growing your audience is key to building a successful online business. Hosted by Squarespace expert Sequoia Mulgrave, this workshop offers targeted marketing tools, SEO strategies, and email marketing tactics to connect with your audience across platforms and nurture your customer relationships over time. Visit the Back to Business Resource Hub for more helpful workshops!

Friday October 01, 2021 12:00 PM
Sequoia Mulgrave

Founder and CEO of DailyMode Studio

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