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How to leverage your business habits to increase profitability





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October 21, 2021 • 10AM ET

Why you should take this workshop

Studies have shown that over 50% of entrepreneurs aren't paying themselves, which means they are spending away their savings–paying upfront before their business can turn a profit– just to keep their business running. It's widely believed that this grind is a right of passage in the entrepreneurial world, but it doesn't have to be this way. In this workshop, led by Gabbie Kelly, you'll learn how you can leverage your habits to set up a system that works for you AND your bank account so you can start being profitable today!


  • 45 minutes of course instruction from Root Financial Partner, Gabbie Kelly; 15 minute live Q&A
  • LIVE instruction on how to perform a profit assessment on your business
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen workshop library*

*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

What you will learn

  • Why the age-old accounting formula is broken
  • How to perform a profit assessment on your business
  • How to leverage bank balance accounting
  • How to take an objective look at your expenses

About the coach

Gabbie Kelly is a CPA who's always wanted the finance and accounting industry to be better, treat people better, and work better with entrepreneurs. She found Root Financial and became a Partner because she believes entrepreneurs deserve to have a system to ensure their profitability and financial success without having to sacrifice 100% of their time with family, friends, hobbies to grind it out–why become an entrepreneur if you never get financial freedom or the freedom to work when and how you want to? Life is about so much more than work. It's time to give entrepreneurs a system to reward their risk of starting their own business and celebrate all they've achieved. And yes, accounting and financial literacy can help them get there–along with a shared human connection!

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