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Unlocking the power of presence





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July 22, 2021 • 11a EST

Why you should take this workshop

We often think of presence as something you either have or you don’t – something that can’t be taught, but that’s not true! Using concepts from executive presence coaching, you can get rid of distractions, gain confidence, and let your essence shine through. Join IFundWomen and Executive Presence Coach, Joanna Lovering, for this dynamic workshop on unlocking the power of presence. In this workshop, Joanna will discuss what executive presence is and how it showcases your essence as a leader; the 3 pillars of executive presence and how to apply them immediately and 3 key tips for standing out (in a good way!) in person or on your next Zoom meeting.


  • 45 minutes of course instruction from Executive Presence Coach, Joanna Lovering; 15 minutes of Q&A
  • Training on the 3 pillars of executive presence and an opportunity to practice them in a live group setting
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen workshop library*

*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

You will learn

  • The 3 pillars of executive presence
  • How to speak, act, and look with executive presence
  • How to increase your executive presence in person and on Zoom

Course lessons


What is executive presence?

Learn what executive presence is and how it showcases your essence as a leader. 

Myths about executive presence

Can executive presence be learned? Absolutely! Learn why those who say that executive presence cannot be learned are wrong. 

Pillar 1: How to speak

Learn how to increase executive presence when speaking in person and on Zoom. 

Pillar 2: How to act

Learn how to increase executive presence with your actions when interacting in person or on Zoom. 

Pillar 3: How to look

Learn how to increase executive presence when making a first impression in person or on Zoom. 

About the coach

Joanna Lovering is an executive presence coach, workplace psychologist, and fashion stylist who helps women develop transformative leadership skills. With an M.A. in social-organizational psychology from Columbia University and leadership development roles at companies including Tiffany & Co., JetBlue, and Daily Burn, Joanna has a 360° perspective on the skills women need to level up in their careers. With this passion, in 2017 she founded Copper + Rise, a New York City-based executive presence coaching firm dedicated to personal and professional empowerment. Joanna works together with her clients to uncover their strengths to cultivate their leadership style from the inside out.

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