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Influencer Marketing Strategy





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May 7, 2021 • 12p EST

Why you should take this workshop

Influencer marketing is becoming a crucial aspect of any brand’s marketing mix. A community of creatives to support your brand not only builds brand awareness, social growth and valuable content creation, it enhances performance marketing efforts and drives concrete sales and returns. This space is commonly known as the Wild, Wild, West since there are countless varying approaches and strategies, but at its core it’s really quite simple, a brand must build genuine and authentic connections to craft meaningful dialogues that resonate.


  • 45 minutes of expert instruction from President & CEO of Dialogue New York, Julianne Fraser ; 15 minutes of open Q&A
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

You will learn: 

  • How to define influence
  • How to curate the right partners
  • How to craft a creative message
  • How to develop a relationship roadmap
  • How to Measure results

Course lessons


Defining influence

There are countless different types, categories and styles of influencers that serve very different marketing purposes. Once you understand the objectives of your strategy, start by defining the various types of influencers your brand should engage.

Curate the right partners

Now that we have defined the various influencers that best align with your brand, we must curate our ideal partners- we’ll break down the steps to do so.

Craft a creative message

The influencer marketing space is becoming increasingly competitive and saturated, in order to set your brand apart, we recommend you ask yourself a number of questions that will differentiate your brand message and build meaningful dialogues that resonate.

Develop a relationship roadmap

The trick to building a long-term, impactful program is developing ways to sustain relationships - transitioning partners into genuine ambassadors of the brand.

Measure results

Measuring the ROI of influencer marketing, a hot topic that has amassed countless differing opinions, we break down the best way to track and measure the results of your campaign.

About the coach

Julianne Fraser is a Digital Marketing Expert and the Founder, President and CEO of Dialogue New York, a leading global digital marketing consultancy with an emphasis on influencer marketing. Julianne launched Dialogue in 2017 with a mission to connect thoughtful brands with creatives to develop meaningful dialogues that truly resonate with consumers, and works with clients like Brooklinen, Shiseido, Seed, and Sakara Life. Dialogue supports various elements of clients’ marketing efforts, from social media strategy and content, to influencer relations, affiliate marketing, partnerships and event ideation and execution. Through her work, clients have seen consistent growth in both their social following and year over year revenue.

Julianne has been a pioneer in the influencer marketing industry dating back to 2013, when she developed one of the industry’s first-ever hotel influencer marketing campaigns with Ian Schrager Hotels, supporting creators like Chiara Feragni, Olivia Lopez, Chriselle Lim and Shea Marie at the very beginning of the influencer renaissance. From there, she held roles at Lacoste, leading digital communications in North America and then moved on to work at Village Marketing, where she oversaw influencer and partnership strategies for brands such as Care/of, Capsule Pharmacy, M. Gemi, Rhone, and more. Julianne currently splits her time between New York City and Paris.

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