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Hashtag strategies for success on social media





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October 20, 2020 • 12PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

You know you should be using hashtags, but more often than not, you can’t figure out the “right” hashtags to use in your posts. The result is an endless cycle of hashtags that don’t get you any closer to increasing your influence, income or impact. Join IFundWomen and Sharon Hadden, Expert Content Strategist & Founder of Content Planning Company, to walk through the fundamentals of an effective hashtag strategy, so you can get discovered on social media and stay connected to the online communities you serve. You will learn hashtag strategy fundamentals, how to create your own hashtag groups, and how to adjust your hashtag strategy for various social platforms.


  • 40 minutes of expert instruction from Expert Content Strategist & Founder of Content Planning Company, Sharon Hadden, & 15 minutes of Q&A
  • 30-minute hashtag strategy consultation and free access to Sharon’s Hashtag Helper, a collection of 2,000+ hashtags to get discovered and stay connected on Instagram, when you join her membership program
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

You will learn

  • The 12 most common hashtag categories
  • How to use hashtags for growth and relevance
  • How to create your own hashtag groups
  • How target specific hashtags and measure success
  • How to adjust your hashtag strategy for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

Course lessons


Hashtag Strategy Fundamentals

Learn how to go from struggling to find the “right” hashtags to choosing relevant hashtags every time.

12 Common Hashtag Categories

We’ll walk through 12 common hashtag categories and discuss which is best for growth, and which is best for relevance.

Create Your Own Hashtag Groups

The key to an effective hashtag strategy is using a mix of hashtags from different categories and varying popularity. At the end of this exercise, you’ll have 3 hashtag groups you can copy and paste on relevant posts instead of searching for hashtags on the fly.

Hot Hashtags

Just like SEO, targeting specific hashtags as if they were keywords can help you increase your influence, impact and income. Learn 3 key factors for choosing what to target and how to measure success.

Adjusting Your Hashtag Strategy for Various Social Platforms

Regardless of the platform, the fundamentals of hashtags stay the same. Learn how to tweak the hashtag strategy you use for Instagram so it works for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

About the coach

Sharon L. Hadden is the founder of Content Planning Company, an e-learning and marketing coaching business. For the last decade, Sharon has helped small businesses and corporations leverage the power of digital marketing, and now, she’s proud to manage a company focused on helping womxn entrepreneurs save time and money on content creation. Sharon has worked in corporate roles in Silicon Valley tech and holds a master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. She's an advocate for womxn’s economic empowerment and strongly believes putting more womxn in positions of power and entrepreneurship is essential to global economic growth. Connect with Sharon on Instagram @contentplanningcompany or visit her website at to learn more about her content planning membership program.

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