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Brand building 101





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September 23 • 6PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Brand strategy is more than just picking a cool logo, unique fonts, and a punchy slogan. Branding is the most powerful marketing tool in the world.  It encompasses all things that consumers know, feel, and experience about your business in its entirety. For individuals and businesses alike, establishing your brand can the difference between success, mediocrity, and failure. Join IFundWomen and Unilever's Dawn Hedgepeth (GM- Deodorants, Men's Grooming, and Hand & Body Lotion) and Lola Danlos (Team Lead, Category Management) to learn the secret to how they create, grow, and manage some of the world's most Iconic consumer brands. In this workshop you will learn how build your brand from the ground up by using exercises to help you identify your brand voice, values, and visual identity. 


  • 60 minutes of expert course instruction from Brand Building Experts, Lola Danlos and Dawn Hedgepeth
  • Copies of popular brand frameworks to help you identify your brand voice
  • A list of tools to help you find a logo, fonts, and colors that represent your brand
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

You will learn

  • How to build your brand strategy from the ground up
  • How to find your brand's voice and values by using popular brand exercises
  • How to find your brand's visual identity with elements like logos, fonts, and colors
  • What tools and technologies you can use to help you create your brand assets

Course lessons


Brand Identity

Learn what elements you need to start building your brand identity.

Your brand values

Get a live tutorial on how to use popular brand exercises to help you determine your brand values and how to be authentic, relevant and memorable. See real life examples of brands that articulate their values well.

Your brand voice

Get a live tutorial on how to use popular brand exercises to help you determine your brand voice. See real life examples of brands that have a strong brand voice.

Your visual identity

Learn how to use your brand voice and values to influence your brand's visual identity from your color scheme to your logo to your fonts. See real life examples of brands that have a recognizable visual identity.

Tools & Tech

Learn which tools and technologies you can use to help you build your brand and measure your brand's impact. 

About the coach

Lola Danlos is the Team Lead of Category Management at Unilever. With over a decade of experience in marketing and sales, Lola has worked across the U.S. and Europe for several notable brands including L'Oreal, Unilever, Allianz Global Assistance, Fiverr, and more. Lola has a Master's Degree in International Marketing & Business Development from SKEMA Business School. 

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About the coach

Dawn Hedgepeth is the General Manager and Vice President of Deodorant's, Men's Grooming, Hand & Body Lotion at Unilever. Dawn is a seasoned branding professional with over 20 years of experience in brand management. Dawn holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College, an MPP from University of Chicago, and a Master's in Business Administration from UC Booth.

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