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Creating a winning content calendar




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July 20, 2020 • 3PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Your business needs a content strategy. Yes, even if you don't know what that means. If you want your marketing to convert ideal prospects, your content has to engage and build trust. Where we come from, good content marketing takes thinking – and planning – like an editor. Consumers increase spending by 23% when they experience an emotional response to advertising. Content strategy works for big brands, startups/small businesses, founders, and freelancers alike. Join IFundWomen and Expert Content Strategist & Founder of The Why Women Project, Cristina Cala, for this workshop on how to create a winning content calendar. You will learn how to find your content niche, how to design and plan your first content calendar and how to develop a content strategy and team that can meet your business objectives.


  • 45 minutes of expert course instruction from Cristina Cala; 15 minutes of Q&A 
  • A live demo of Cristina's content calendar template and how to build yours
  • A list of helpful tools to help you plan your social media
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

You will learn

  • How to plan, create, and publish content that ties to your business objectives and measure the success
  • How to find your niche and think like an editor when publishing your content
  • How to design a content calendar that takes focus, format, and timing into account
  • Which tools and platforms may be best for publishing your content

Course lessons


What is a content strategy

Learn what a content strategy is and why you need one in order to meet your business objectives.

Thinking like an editor

Learn how to find stories in your niche and stay on brand by identifying certain "verticals"/"beats". Understand how to the power of self-publishing allows you to DIY your own PR and be the editor shaping your brand narrative.

Content calendars: channels & content cycles

Learn how often to post, which days to post, and how to manage content development timelines for planning like an editor. Learn the difference between evergreen vs. timely content. 

Content calendars: content development/production

Learn how to identify the focus of your content and the format that's best for your content (written, live, video, etc.). 

Templates, Tools & Tech

Learn the best tools and skills for managing content for professionals of all skill levels. Learn who to think about hiring if you're building out your marketing or social media team from scratch.

About the coach

Cristina Cala is a content strategist, Webby Award Winner & Founder and CEO of The Why Women Project, a marketplace for brands and creative talent. Cristina's creative career as a writer and content marketer spans a decade in media, advertising and tech with previous roles leading content and teams at Time Inc., Condé Nast, career startup Ladders, and in daily news.

Cristina has written, edited and produced for titles including Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue, TIME, InStyle, Glamour, WIRED, The Daily Beast, GQ, People, Entertainment Weekly and HelloGiggles.

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