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Personal finance for entrepreneurs





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June 3, 2020 • 1PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Does talking about your personal finances make you nervous? We get it. But avoidance is NOT the answer, especially as an entrepreneur. Operating a successful business starts with understanding how to manage, optimize, and control your personal finances. Get ready to get personal as we dive into this 1 hour workshop with Joy Liu, Certified Financial Trainer from The Financial Gym, a national personal financial services company that takes a fitness-inspired approach to its clients’ finances. In this workshop, you will learn about personal finance basics & jargon, how to untangle your personal finances from your business finances especially if you're bootstrapping, and how to balance your personal financial goals with your business goals. You'll leave this workshop with a strong financial core to start with and clear strategies for managing your personal and business finances.


  • 45 minutes of expert course instruction and 15 minutes of Q&A with certified financial trainer, Joy Liu
  • The Financial Gym's personal finance basics worksheet to help you plan your personal goals
  • 10% off your first month of membership when you sign up as a new member at The Financial Gym
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

You will learn

  • How to evaluate your personal finances and where you stand relative to your goals
  • How to untangle your personal finances from your business when you're bootstrapping. 
  • How to weigh your personal financial goals against your business goals: i.e. paying off debt, retirement, investing in property
  • Should you be taking a salary as a new business owner?
  • What tools are available to help you manage your personal finances 
  • How to manage your personal credit score and how to utilize a good credit score to your benefit

Course lessons


Personal Finance Basics

Set the stage by learning the basics of personal finance and how to evaluate your personal financial fitness. Start untangling your personal finances from your business finances so you can get a full financial picture of where you stand on both accounts.

Balancing Your Financial Goals

Get real about your personal and business goals and how you can balance them when they seem at odds i.e. Re-investing in the business vs Paying off student loan debt.

The Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

Supporting your business with cash from your personal accounts? Learn best practices for managing your personal and business accounts and get advice on popular topics like: paying yourself a salary, getting a business bank account, business credit cards, quantifying operating transfers, calculating owner's equity, & more.

Debt, Loans & Credit

Learn how personal debt, loans, and credit affect your credit score and how you can use a good personal credit score to your benefit with your business.


Come ready with questions!

About the coach

Joy Liu is a Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer and Head of Trainer Academy at The Financial Gym. Joy works with clients new to their financial fitness journey. Joy joined The Financial Gym after a career in the advertising industry working in client services with the interest of marrying her passion for personal finance & working with people in a meaningful way. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island and recently re-located to North Carolina from New York City to live with her husband who is stationed there as a United States Marine.

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