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Serve cultures, not customers:

How to build authentic
community around your brand




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May 26, 2020 • 3PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Where does brand power come from? As Founders, when we learn about finding product-market fit, we usually focus on what tangible value we can offer but we often neglect how much power there is in providing intangible value. And Intangible value comes from serving cultures, not necessarily just customers. Join Tech Influencer, Speaker, and Consultant, Alex Wolf, for this interactive workshop where you’ll explore the power of cultivating intangible value for passionate microcultures to build authentic community. You will learn the keys to building a thriving community, how to identify and nurture existing “microcultures” and how to leverage and create intangible value within your brand which can act as a bloodline for the health of your brand and business.



  • 30 minutes of expert course instruction from Alex Wolf, 30 minutes of open Q&A to get 1:1 advice
  • 3 live case studies of brands that have successfully built their brand power by serving cultures
  • Access to the live replay in the IFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • The keys to building a thriving community
  • How to identify and nurture existing microcultures
  • How to leverage & create intangible value

Course lessons


The key ingredient to building a thriving community

Learn about the importance of articulating and affirming the public identity of your customer.

How to create intangible value

Learn why making content that inspires, educates and makes people laugh is the most effective way to tap into the proper emotions to engage brand loyalty.

How to nurture existing microcultures to engage with your brand

In this section you’ll be learning the importance of creating no-pressure environments for your customers to network and connect.

Case studies of successful brands

In this lesson we’ll go over how Christian Dior, Supreme and Glossier used microcultures to become powerful and profitable brands.

About the coach

Alex Wolf has been named one of the “Top 100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company Magazine, A “Top Creative Entrepreneur In Marketing and Media,” by Inc. Magazine and Adweek's “Top 20 Influencers Who Radiate Creativity & Get Everyone Talking.” 

She is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of “RESONATE: For Anyone Who Wants To Build An Audience”. As the Founder of BossBabe Inc., one of the fastest growing digital networks of female millennials entrepreneurs online, she’s been recognized as a future thought-leader from executives at Snapchat and Instagram to iconic artists like Janelle Monae. She’s partnered with powerful brands (such as Harpers Bazaar, & Dropbox, just to name a few) to amplify the important message of creating meaningful technology, amplifying culture and highlighting the beauty of being a creative entrepreneur. 

Currently, Alex is the Founder of Creative Business School, an online business education platform that teaches artists, content creators, designers, writers and creatives of all types how to successfully find & sell your own product. 

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