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AMA: Sales conversations in a crisis



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April 22, 2020 • 12PM EST

Why you should take this workshop:

During an economic crisis, it's tough for even the best sales team to close leads. Companies are under more pressure than ever to continue driving revenue while their customers are losing money and cutting expenses. In uncertain times, it's tempting to feel like you should take your foot off the gas – DON'T!

Now more than ever, you'll want to renew your focus on your company's core KPIs, lean into your customers' needs, and find new ways to provide value to them. Join IFundWomen and Sales Coach & Consultant, Allison Davis, as we walk through each step of creating and pivoting the process, giving you practical and actionable advice that even the most sales-adverse entrepreneur can get behind. You’ll understand how to find unique opportunities, restructure your messaging, and actually be excited to get out there and have your next sales call!


  • 30 minutes of Allison's expert advice on best practices for sales strategy in a crisis, 30 minutes of AMA-style open forum for audience questions

  • Access to Allison's ALIGN Method: 5 Step Process for hosting B2B and B2C Sales conversations

  • Access the live replay in the iFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • How to identify your customers' most important needs during an economic downturn and respond with your unique value

  • How to pivot your sales process to support your customer's changing needs

  • How to continue to sell without sounding sleazy, pushy, or tone deaf

Course lessons:

Re-evaluating Customer Needs

Learn some helpful frameworks and processes to re-evaluate your customer's needs and align your company's unique value proposition to match. 

Pivoting your sales process

Use Allison's ALIGN Method: 5 Step Process to learn how to pivot your sales process whether you are a B2B or B2C sales organization. 

Messaging & Tone

Learn how to talk about your offer, pricing and next steps without feeling like a sleazy salesperson. In addition, learn how to respond to objections with complete integrity. 

Common Mistakes

Get live examples of the top three (3) mistakes entrepreneurs are making during these types of sales calls and meetings.


Get 30 minutes of AMA-style open time to ask Allison about your specific business and get strategic hints and tips. 

About the coach

Allison Davis is a sales consultant, trainer and coach who ignites growth in successful entrepreneurs and mission-driven companies. With nearly 20 years experience, Allison has brought her energy and empathic sales acumen to companies like National Geographic, Time Out North America, and Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc. Her specialties include: B2B selling, B2C selling for service-based entrepreneurs, motivation and energy management training to help sales teams reach full potential, affiliate selling and program management, organization and operationalization of sales efforts for start-ups

Allison holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from St. Michael’s College and a certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching from New York University. When she's not working, Allison loves learning, travel, plus-size fashion and mindfulness pursuits.

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