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From value to valuation




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March 25, 2020 • 12PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

How do you know what your business is worth? Is it based on assets? Is it based on your revenue? Is it based on how many investors you have? In this workshop, get an intro to valuation models and theory and learn how to think about the valuation of your business today and in the future. Join us as Former Wall Street Executive, Mollie Fehlig, breaks down complex valuation models into simple concepts you can use to determine your business valuation.

*Pre-work: We recommend having a budget or financial model that you feel comfortable using and making projections on before joining this class. If you don’t have a financial model yet, watch Mollie’s previous class here on Basic Business Budgeting. This is not required, but will help you get the most out of the workshop.


  • 90 minutes of course instruction from Mollie Fehlig

  • Live tutorial on how to use a Simple DCF valuation calculator

  • Access to the live replay in the iFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • The Definition of Value: knowing how your personal value is inextricably linked to that of the company  

  • The holistic view of your company:  Looking at where you’ve been, where you are, where you’re going, what it will take to get there - and why this assessment is necessary to know your value

  • Value-Based Management: Why it’s always a good idea to consider the value of your business, and also specific times it may be needed

  • How to use a Simple Valuation Calculator: Demystifying the complex formulas and using them to calculate true worth

Course Lessons


Understanding your value

Learn how to assess your business value in terms of cash flow. 

Breaking down complex valuation formulas

Get an overview and simple breakdown of complex valuation formulas like Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Asset-Based Valuation, and Market & Transaction Comps.

Using a valuation calculator

Learn how to use and interpret a simple DCF valuation calculator. 

Value based management and why you should care

Understand the how to manage your valuation over the life of your company and how to track the effectiveness of your strategic decision-making.

Valuation events and tidbits

Learn what specific capital events may require you to value or re-value your company i.e. Raising institutional capital, issuing additional stock, selling your company, bringing on a new founder etc.

About the coach

With decades of Executive Wall Street Capital Markets leadership, Mollie Fehlig brings invaluable experience forming business & financial strategies, evaluating risk, modeling financial projections, assessing capital performance and constantly evaluating business needs. Today through Fehlig Advisory, Mollie helps founders overcome seemingly impossible business obstacles and is driven to bring more women into leadership positions by empowering them as Founders & CEOs.

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