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Building a sales funnel



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March 18, 2020 • 1PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

Sales is essential to ANY business. Whether you’re selling traditional physical products or offering digital or consulting services, sales has to drive your business model. Understanding your sales funnel can help you figure out how to acquire new customers and leads, but also identify some of the places where your customers aren’t converting. In this workshop by IFundWomen’s Head of Business Development, Zeina Muna, you will learn how to unlock revenue by building a well-defined sales funnel.


  • 60 minutes of course instruction from iFundWomen’s Head of Business Development, Zeina Muna

  • A walkthrough using the iFundWomen Sales Funnel Template to help you find, sort, and message to your audience. Get access to your own copy afterward!

  • A quick tutorial on using tools like Pipedrive and Mailchimp to organize and track your sales leads

  • Access to the live replay in the iFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • How to identify where you’re capturing leads and where your customers are dropping off

  • How to message your products and services effectively to your customers at every stage of the funnel

  • How to setup a tracking process to keep your sales leads organized using tools like Pipedrive and Mailchimp

Course Lessons



What is a sales funnel?

Learn the basics about what a sales funnel is and define what a successful completion of the funnel looks like.

Researching your audience

Ask investigative questions about your platform, product, service to determine where your audience converts and where they drop off.

Sorting your leads

Use the IFundWomen Sales Funnel template to categorize your leads at various stages of engagement with your products and services.

Developing unique messaging

Find the messaging that speaks to your audience at each stage of your sales funnel.

Tracking your leads

Learn how to use industry standard tools like Mailchimp and Pipedrive to track your leads.

About the coach

Zeina Muna is a Business Development professional, with a track record of delivering new and sustainable sources of revenue tied to the overall strategic direction and operational capabilities of growing organizations. Zeina is a curator who can pinpoint the ideal partner opportunities and work with cross-functional teams and senior leaders both internally and externally to prioritize and manage multiple tracks of work at any one time. Zeina loves connecting great minds and brands together to build game-changing partnerships. Prior to working at iFundWomen, Zeina held positions at People's Pops, Urban Justice Center, and Condé Nast.