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Power Hour (and a Half)

90 Day Business Launch

Looked at the Singular Sensation Session and thought, "Um, all of the above, please!"?

Then this Power Hour (and a Half) is for you and alllllllll the business gunk you want to work through!

Come to this session with your stuckiness and confusion, and we'll work together to get you:
* the clarity you're seeking
* decisiveness as to what to prioritize
* the action plan to make it happen
* any resources I know of that will meet your needs and make your business life easier.

  • We'll meet on Zoom for 90 minutes and you can ask me anything at all. I'll put on my coach/consultant hybrid hat for you, bringing along my 14 years of experience, along with kind honesty and the optimistic energy I'm known for! You'll receive a recording of the session when we're done so you can listen back anytime for even more a-ha moments.
  • PLEASE NOTE that the package time below can be flexible - I just had to put an answer there, lol. While my schedule tends to get full, I can usually get you on my calendar in 2ish weeks time.

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