YouthfulNest is a virtual interior design site and the most convenient way for parents to design a room for their baby or child.

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Project Description


YouthfulNest Online Interior Design Lisa Janvrin

Traditional full-service interior design can cost thousands, and trying to do it all on one’s own can be overwhelming. This makes it difficult to afford personal design services and have money left over for furnishings and décor. YouthfulNest makes both possible.

Millions of Millennials are already taking advantage of similar eDesign sites, but there is not one like YouthfulNest, dedicated to native tech parents.

YouthfulNest offers personalized interior design services at maximum convenience and lowest cost. We do this by translating a client’s design inspiration into a well-designed space for a baby and child through a completely virtual process. We have had clients use our services since before our site was officially live and have continued to work with clients across the country for the past two years.

Besides our functioning website, we use popular technology platforms like Pinterest and Houzz, digital questionnaires, and phone consults to turn pins, posts, images, conversation, and personality into a custom design. We source dozens of quality online retailers for furniture, finishes, and décor pieces for a client’s room and budget. Then we provide clients with a final Style Board of custom curated products and one-link Shopping List.

All our design services are lead by expert designers so clients’ don’t have to choose service over price. Client’s just need to decide how much help they want or need. We offer three service packages and two subscription options. {Subscription to design is an industry first in either traditional or virtual interior design.}

Why Invest:

  • Millennials have a proven track record of an affinity for technology. We do that.
  • Millennials use brands that make their lives better in an easy and inexpensive way. We do that.
  • Millennials are having babies, 3 million a year, and designing and shopping for their nurseries online. We do that.


Lisa Janvrin, founder and lead designer has 20+ years in design and marketing

Since the beginning the founder, Lisa Janvrin, has been the sole creator and operator of YouthfulNest. She invested $3,000 of her own savings to start the company and runs lean, only outsourcing expert consultants such as copywriters and developers as needed. For the last two years Lisa has been raising two babies. YouthulNest and son Luca who turned four last spring. Oh, make that three babies, her family got a puppy last summer! Lisa works from a home studio with direct access to the living room / playroom where my son hangs out most of the time while she’s feverishly working away.

I’d say I get an average of FIVE MINUTES of uninterrupted work done before my son or pup require attention.“, says Lisa.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset Lisa, the founder, with her son Luca in the room where it all started for YouthfulNest

With such a limited budget she’s tapped into every free or inexpensive app and online resource to bring functionality to their processes. Lisa also pulled from her 20+ years of experience in advertising and marketing for retail brands and currently fills the roles of web designer, customer service, operations, merchandiser, IT, PR, HR, photographer, social media, blogger, brand manager, marketing manager, product development and, oh yeah, lead interior designer.

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design Lisa Janvrin YouthfulNest Instagram feed, 1,300K followers

The money raised through this campaign will go towards expert marketing talent to help scale the business. Specifically, essential SEO and SEM data marketing and an omni-channel branding expert to improve our reach and visibility of our target audience. We have also honed our products and made various site iterations to improve usability, but have found that our do-it-yourself website platform has limitations that are starting to hold us back. Since we have outgrown our starter web platform we are hoping to hire an expert web design and development team to bring increased functionality, usability and optimization to the user experience and encourage sales. To give you an example, our site speed results show up in universal tests as “POOR” for various key pages. With our current web platform we are not able to address the four out of five potential fixes for optimization that could help rank YouthfulNest higher in a Google search, resulting in better visibility.

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design Lisa Janvrin

Now we aren’t the first ones to introduce online interior design services. And we love that our competitors have done one of the hardest things and that is to train a generation of customers in this new way to get affordable access to interior design.

While not the first we are the leading online interior design site that is solely focused on babies and kids spaces. We understand what it’s like to wake up every two hours in the middle of the night, half asleep to change diapers. Or the importance of making bookshelves reachable by a toddler. Or our understanding of what mothers need, our in-depth knowledge of the baby and kids’ market, and our awareness of social media’s effect/impact on personal style – helps us give modern parents what they want.

Here’s the best part…we’re not talking about doing, we’ve been doing. Here’s a few numbers to illustrate that:

  • Our 2017 sales have more than doubled our entire 2016 sales.
  • 66% of our clients purchased at least one add on design service.
  • 33% of our clients purchased more than one room design package.
  • 100% of our clients found us online via social media sites like Instagram, interior inspiration sites like Houzz, lifestyle sites like Pinterest.
  • We’ve forged brand partnerships and sponsorships that provide additional brand exposure and earning power with various brands including established ones with: buybuy BABY, Naturepedic, and  Colorhouse Paints. This gives us additional access to the over 40 million Millennials starting to have babies.
    (That’s a lot of nurseries to design!)

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design Lisa Janvrin YouthfulNest offers virtual design solutions that shape more confident parents, babies and children.

If Lisa could accomplish all this with just an initial three thousand dollars personal investment, imagine what she could do with $13,000 or $30,000. And If she can build a growing technology company with just 5 minutes at a time, imagine what I could do with 50 minutes or 5 hours or 15 hours a day dedicated to our brand by bringing on a small team.

We have also scouted interior designers who are waiting in the wings ready to work with YouthfulNest. We offer a competitive flat rate per project, plus commission opportunities. YouthfulNest isn’t just convenient with our clients, it’s also an earning opportunity for moms who want to work and still be home to raise their children. Our designers have flexible hours and get exposure in the interior design industry. YouthfulNest has crawled, walked and now it’s ready to run!

With your help of reaching our first goal of $7K we will be able to continue working with our SEO & SEM expert on PHASE TWO of Data Marketing Strategy and Conversion Optimization, which we see as our most valuable asset to grow our business. {Simply meaning using website data to turn site visitors into customers.} Plus we will be able to move onto PHASE THREE of our SEM efforts of investing in Google Ads; conducting A/B testing to reach more of our market share; and improving our ranking in search engine results. {Simply meaning purchase ads on Google to show up higher on the page from a Google search.}

With extra help from your belief in our company we will be able to hire an expert website team to recreate a responsive, custom website. This will allow for imperative improvement to site functionality, usability and optimization. {Simply meaning our website will automatically change to fit the device you’re reading it on for an improved experience on our site.}

By reaching our biggest goal we will be able to bring to the YouthfulNest team an e-commerce and omni-channel media expert to develop viral marketing campaigns and curate content for improved user engagement. {Simply meaning, hiring a dedicated team member to build brand engagement with our target audience, turning them into clients and brand ambassadors.}


Lisa helped me reach our vision for our kids spaces. Gave us lots of budget-friendly options and timely responses. Highly recommend her!” -Kim E., Texas

Lisa and team are SO talented – I cannot even believe the transformation of my nursery space (from super girly and pink to soft neutrals) before my eyes. Everything has been done virtually and I am blown away by the experience!-Liz L., New Jersey

She nailed it! We thought we had a pretty tough style request, our designer totally embraced it down to the little touches like the designer light bulbs in the custom pendant or incorporating watercolor pastels without seeming babyish. -Paul J. Nebraska


YouthfulNest Online Interior Design

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design

YouthfulNest Online Interior Design