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YOU make a better world: cure parasite worms!

A supplement to cure intestinal worms that disproportionately affect individuals in developing countries to free them of cyclical poverty

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Project Description

GUT WORMS ARE BAD: Intestinal parasitic worms are major drivers of poverty worldwide, trapping large populations in a destructive cycle. People with worms can become stunted both physically and mentally and are malnourished. Unsanitary living conditions lead to worms, which lead to a perpetuation of low living standards and more worms. For the cycle to stop, help from the outside needs to come in.  That’s where you come in!

BIOTECH HAS DROPPED THE BALL: Because the people infected are the poorest in the world, there is little financial incentive to develop needed therapies. There exists basically one drug to treat these parasites: a drug that is not fully efficacious and a drug that the parasites can easily resist. 1 drug for use in 1.5 billion infected people with tens to hundreds billions of worms is not a good equation for success.

WE HAVE PICKED THE BALL UP: Amachumu Bio is a socially minded, globally focused company working a cure that works and that is affordable and accessible. One of the founders of Amachumu Bio has a deep personal connection to the people of Burundi and upon traveling there, saw many children infected and growth-stunted adults that resulted from the infections. Knowing the great challenges in developing a cure for diseases of the poorest on earth, we are passionate as ever to bring this life and community saving treatment to those that need it most. 

WHERE YOU COME IN: The details are below but in one sentence: we have a new safe, scientifically validated probiotic that cures worm infections in many animals and need YOUR help to get it approved for use in the people that need it!

We discovered a new type of inactivated probiotic bacterium (IBa) expressing a worm-killing cytosolic crystal protein (IBaCC).  IBaCC Cry5B has been shown to effectively kill parasitic worms in rodents, dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens and turkeys.  Next step is testing for safety and efficacy in man!  The obstacle that our team is  facing is directly related to challenges of starting a business during Covid-19. It has slowed our ability to work with our partners to get our important cure out to the people and animals who need it the most. Our partners and plan have been waiting eagerly to resume moving forward while the world resumes operations safely but slowly in the face of a pandemic. In the meantime, we have operational expenses that we have been assuming while advancing the development of the cure as much as we can before moving into late-stage preclinical development and manufacturing stages. It will be most beneficial to our team to begin fundraising immediately so we can continue to establish the business and continue development with our partner as quickly as we can. 

As a small passionate team, we welcome any amount of donor contribution to help us make a better world for all people and animals. Your contribution to our team will be absolutely critical in eliminating parasitic worms  and in freeing individuals from economic poverty caused by the disease. Donors like you can make such a difference in our small-team endeavor to meet our big goals. Your donations will directly impact our ability to stay running as a business in order to move our planned cure along through the FDA regulatory approval process. Initially, funding will go directly toward business expenses, but with sufficient support we plan to utilize donations to cover the initial stages of manufacturing the product while our partners get up and running post Covid-19. 

Thank you from the poorest 1.5 billion children and women of child-bearing age who are at most risk.


The Campaign FAQs

What is the path to market?

The team is in the pre-proof of concept stage and will be spending the next year (August 2020 - August 2021) de-risking the process by going through manufacturing, quality control, toxicology studies, and documenting everything before getting the regulatory packet in front of the FDA. 

What happens when the product is documented as safe?

The team will be conducting clinical trials in both humans (in Burundi and Vietnam) as well as animals (horses in Kentucky)

Who is on the team?

Meghan Doyle and two researchers

Where will the money go?

Any donation will fund the company's minimal expenses and will fund the stages that are critical to prove that the product is safe for all (quality control and toxicology), with a focus on women of childbearing age and children. 



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