On-demand technology platform providing expert advice, education and resources to help women thrive in their business, career and lives

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Project Description

wiseHer company overview

wiseHer is a technology platform providing on-demand expert advice, education and resources to help women thrive in their business, career and lives. wiseHer offers real-time access to thought leaders and advice through a combination of human interaction, artificial intelligence and training modules designed to help women succeed, on their time.


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The research is very clear, women are the future of the global economy; not instead of men–alongside them.  BUT, women have documented challenges and barriers to starting and growing businesses or climbing higher in their corporate careers:

  • The number one challenge is access–real, qualified, battle-tested advisers that can help them get farther, faster.
  • The second is education — either real, or perceived lack of knowledge causes women to lose confidence and can stymie her growth.
  • The third is cognitive load — what’s in your head right now? In mine is my kids have to get to their sports lessons, the dog needs to be groomed, I have to call my mom and see how the new medication she’s on effecting her, the laundry needs to be done (and that’s only in the two minutes it took me to type that sentence!). Whether you have a significant other, kids, aging parents, fur babies, whatever it is the running of the household falls on women–it’s just that way. So how do you fit the things you need to get done and learn to grow in that head too?
  • The last, and certainly not least is funding.  Women only receive about 3% of the investment capital and if you’ve ever tried to get a bank loan for an unproven business you know you’d be more likely to win the lottery!

wiseHer mission

wiseHer provides women with a place where they have access to and can learn from the experiences of strong female (and male!) mentors and experts and are provided answers quickly that will help reduce their cognitive load and provide for better work-life integration.

We positively impact and inspire women to grow in their business, careers and lives by providing access to expert advice, education and resources that they need, WHEN THEY NEED IT.  We will also be providing grants to women to help get them started or help them grow. Positioning women for success.   One women at a time.  

Our chat-bot prototype


 what we offer at wisher

At wiseHer, we provide modern solutions that advance her business and life goals.

  • We offer vetted, trusted and battle-tested mentors (through self-direction and in the future wiseMatch ™ algorithm) advice, inspiration and direction. We have curated successful experts, mentors, advisers and thought leaders in technology, business, life, wellness and health to partner with women to tackle whatever challenges they may be facing in their careers, businesses and lives.
  • We provide women with a way to get answers to their questions through artificial intelligence, short-FastTrack videos, and resources that can help them learn what they need to know quickly.
  • We give back through wiseGrants to women-owned businesses, entrepreneurs or women in corporate careers to help them get farther, faster.

Whether it’s developing a business plan for her next exciting chapter as an entrepreneur, growing her business, sharpening her skills in her current career, seeking input on how to best manage her household and focus on her goals, we provide women with the tools that will help them live a more fulfilled and mindful life.

Let us introduce you to our wiseHer team.  We are glad you are here.

Meet the CEO/Founder

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn Rose

Kathryn is a seasoned professional, former wall street executive and serial entrepreneur. She has launched and grown several businesses as well as had successful careers in both finance and technology.  She co-founded and helped develop a successful tech platform that was the first of its kind social media sharing community, Social Buzz Club.  She is the award-winning, best-selling author of 9 books on social media and relationship marketing and selling.  Kathryn is well-known as a champion of women speaking, training and supporting them around the globe, throughout her entire career.  Kathryn currently serves on the Advancing Women in Technology Executive Council.  Enterprise level high technology companies, as well as colleges and universities, rely on Kathryn’s expertise in developing their businesses or mentoring students to achieve high levels of success.

KSB headshot

Kara Bianchi – Acting CMO/Advisor

Prior to joining wiseHer, Kara was the Vice President and Chief Brand Officer for Talbots, a global women’s apparel brand.  Kara is passionate about the consumer experience and has deep experience in all areas of marketing from broadcast to digital; in-store to omnichannel; influencer and pr strategies, large to small organizations; and big to little budgets. Having served in executive marketing roles with global brands including Sony and consumer packaged good brands having revenues ranging from $100M to $7B, she has been extremely fortunate to have an influence on a variety of operating environments to gain immediate traction and results.

Whether guiding efforts during the early stages of brand evolution, leading the transformation process to return a brand to its original luster or creating a new, enhanced image, she collaborates to unlock revenue potential and grow market share through effective positioning.  Kara currently serves on multiple non-profit boards focusing on culture and arts and serves as a mentor for students starting out in the marketing field.


Matt McCann – Acting CTO

Matt McCann is an entrepreneur, web developer and software engineer, based in Dublin, Ireland. Matt has achieved great success in developing websites and web applications.   Matt has Cerebral Palsy and has struggled with accessibility challenges so in 2012 Matt used his Masters in Software Engineering to create a platform that people could use to easily access accessibility information and upload their own feedback on places they had visited.  Matt has received numerous honors and awards for his work, including: Enactus National Competition Winner,, Microsoft Imagine Cup – World Citizenship World Finals (3rd place), Microsoft Imagine Cup – World Citizenship National Winner


Vladlena Taraskina – Chatbot/AI Advisor

Vladlena, based in Vienna, Austria,  is a female entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in startups and business development. She founded multiple companies in different industries (Fintech, E-commerce and Digital Platforms) Vladlena has the ability to translate business ideas into working business models.  Her expertise includes Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, eCommerce and crafting Digital Experiences. Vladlena also serves as a mentor to startups around the world.

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