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The Wild Magnolian Boutique

The boutique that does more than sell clothes

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Campaign Ends on October 27, 2021

Project Description

The mission of my company is to take it places where I never imagined. The purpose of this project, is to take you all into the interesting life of an boutique owner/ personal stylists. I love doing what I do, this is my passion. Our mission is to give you some insight about what we're about and what we do.

As you know, being a business owner is a lot of responsibility. A little background about my business. We are a women's clothing and accessory boutique. We also are professional personal stylists. We have done events for coming out parties, drag performances, bridal showers, baby showers, dinner rehearsals, and so much more. I love how diverse we are, and we take pride into what we do.  The problem we have been having lately is generating and sells. Business have slowed down tremendously within the last 3 months. We are located in my states capital mall. It's very popular, there is also a lot of competition. We are surrounded by other boutiques, so we have to worker 20 times harder to stay ahead of the others. 

We are located outside the mall, it's a great spot for business. There's about 10 other store along this strip and 6 of them are other boutique or clothing stores. 

We always try to stay on top with the trends, and the new fashion.  We can have a product that the other company has but because we have better customer service, they spend with us instead. We just need to get more of what the customers want, and the problem will be solved

We are seeking funding to help keep our heads above the water a little longer, and help our company grow bigger and stronger. The funds would be spent on making larger inventory purchases. That way we can release something new weekly, and our returning customers will have something new to possibly buy when they come back and our new customers, will possibly turn into returning customers when they see we have a lot to offer and new things. Get them excited to come back. I can provide jobs to those who want to work, make improvements to the store. Add more and better decor, do some remodeling, make it a better shopping experience for returning customers and potentially grabbing new customers attention. 

I am grateful for my team for not leaving, even when things got rough. I'm glad I got to mentor up and coming artists and stylists. 

Not only do I want to thank you for supporting my passion, but everyone who work beside me has come so far for this. This is their only opportunity to get themselves and their brand out there, because most of them don't have resources to do by themselves. So on behalf of myself and the others, thank you times a million. Thank you, for believing in our dreams and making it possible



The Campaign FAQs

How will the funds be spent? I will make larger inventory purchases, give our returning customers returning and potentially new customers come back to something new. I can provide jobs, for those who are looking for employment. I can hire part time workers. I can make improvements to the store, I can do remodeling. Add more decor, make it a better shopping experience for everyone.

What is your company? We are a women's clothing and accessory boutique. We are also personal stylists. 

How long have we been in busy? Almost a year

How do you deal with competition? We try to stay ahead of them, getting the new fashion trends. We also started offering professional styling services.

Why did you start a boutique? I remember sitting at my desk in college, unhappy because I knew that the profession I was going into wasn't what I wanted to do. I always had a love for clothing and styling. There was a fashion show at my old university. Grand prize was $1,000.  I entered and was giving 3 models, all of them beautiful, different ethnics, and different heights, weights, etc. I didn't win, but the compliments I got and the models telling me how beautiful they felt and looked, I knew then that, that was what I wanted to. I have been happy ever since