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wandasncredible 365 days of quotes calendar box

Get Ready ! Get Motivated ! Be inspired ! wandasncredible is here for you with a motivational box to inspire your 2021 year !!!

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Campaign Ends on October 31, 2020

Project Description

  •  My mission is to get us excited and pumped for a brand new year coming...We have all experienced a lot this year but I believe greater days are ahead of us !
  • We are stamping out negativity and hopelessness and spreading love and positivity instead.
  • This box is great for those 12+ and is gender neutral
  • My product is motivational Post It’s with a calendar that gets you pumped and also shows the month and days of the’s a 2 for’
  • Additionally the box will have personalized gifts and an experience of positive vibes for every buyer
  • This funding buys your box directly. I need a group order to make the purchase and it buys all items for your box and pays shipping and handling too. 
  • Myself and my two daughters are my team. We are Black women making history. All 3 of us are college students attending Penn State at the same time and I graduate this December with my first degree. 
  • Supporters..thank you all for your support. wandasncredible appreciates you !


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

 When will I get my box? 

Once all funds are collected a group order will placed. That order will come to my company directly where individual custom boxes are going to be made for each order and sent to your name and address provided . Please make sure that all info I have for you is correct because that will be part of your box experience. 

The group order itself only takes 9 days to create from the time of receipt of funds and purchase order to to Post It. 



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