Waggin’ Trails Dog Park

A nature park for dogs and their people.

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Project Description


“Where can I take my dog off-leash?”

Dogs love to run and play off-leash, exploring their surroundings with their canine friends. They need to roam, run, and sniff; to check out and understand new environments.

The Pioneer Valley is filled with naturally beautiful woods and trails to explore, but people are often confused by leash laws and privacy issues. Dog owners want to train their pets to be safe off-leash, but they are afraid that their dogs may run away or meet unfriendly dogs and their (possibly unfriendly) people.

Waggin’ Trails Dog Park will be a fun and beautiful solution to these problems!


A Nature Park for Dogs and Their People

Our vision is a property that is large enough for a good hike in the woods, but with the security of being fully fenced, trails winding through the forest, and a doggy pool for a dip on a hot day. Waggin’ Trails will be a membership dog park for people to visit and enjoy, allowing their dogs to have their own space in to be a dog.

We hope Waggin’ Trails will quickly become an indispensable part of the canine community of Western MA. Our park will be the first members only dog park that provides a large space for dog owners to be able to allow their dogs to run off-leash in a safe, clean, and friendly environment in New England.

Features will include:

  • 15 acres of fenced trails and open spaces
  • Small fenced areas for puppies, small dogs and agility
  • A 1000 sq. foot building with restrooms, a dog washing area, manager’s office and front office to register new members and answer questions
  • State of the art electronic key fob entry system
  • Sustainable practices used throughout the park including solar, porous pavement and a dog waste composter
  • Phase two would include a wade in dog pond and possibilities to host dock diving and agility competitions!


About Us…

As the owner of Sarah’s Pet Services, I have been providing pet care and dog walking in the Pioneer Valley for over seventeen years, so I feel certain that I understand the issues and desires facing dog owners in our area. Our team of dog walkers visits over fifty households per day, helping our clients make their good dogs GREAT!

For years I have been dreaming of a park such as Waggin’ Trails, where our community of members will be able to come together and give their the dogs the exercise, socialization, and fun that they need to be their best. Now I am finally ready to make this dream a reality.

We are in agreement to purchase property on Glendale Road  in Northampton that offers all of these elements at a generous size of 30 acres, which is virtually unheard of in this area! With Berkshire Design as our landscape architect, we are sure that the park we are planning will be the number one doggy destination in New England.


How Can You Help?

We are looking for donations to help us bridge the gap between the planning stage and construction. The more support we can get here, both financially and from the community, the easier it will be to get backing from a bank or investors. The momentum we hope to build here will keep us rolling towards our goal, grand opening in Spring 2018!

What We Have Accomplished (a bunch!):

What We Need:

What we need most is additional capitol to move forward. To develop this idea we have spent all of the money we saved. Permits, fees, surveys, and plans all cost a lot, before we even apply for a commercial loan or apply for permits.

That’s why I need your support, to help with pre-construction expenses and to demonstrate interest from our community of dog lovers. The more money I can raise now, the more amazing features I can include in our park.

  • $20,000 will allow us to pay for the landscape architect designs and Northampton permitting slated to start at the end of September.
  • $50,000 will secure the equity we need for our down payment on the land purchase.
  • $100,000 will allow us to pay for the amazing doggy pool design!

If you would like to contribute, please check out our list of rewards. If you are a dog lover or know someone who is, please share this page and video widely, so we can get as many people on board as possible. Thank you!