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Vibe Gym and Wellness Collective

The mission of VIBE is to provide a full size gym facility with equipment and curated services for women and genderqueer people.

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Project Description

  • The mission of VIBE is to provide a full size gym facility for women and genderqueer people. A gym and wellness collective for us. A place to feel safe, educated, accepted, welcome, beautiful and strong. Where members are supported and loved and comfortable with a variety of services curated for them. Where professionals that support body+mind strength can come together. Creating a community around love and life.
  • -A gym that women and non binary people can feel safe and comfortable hitting health and wellness goals in. Along with women and non binary people feeling accepted and encouraged to work as health professionals.
  • -A multi-purpose collective to provide access to a variety of services to members. As well as give people in these fields a place to run their businesses.
  • -Providing services and classes in the same facility curated specifically for the target market.


    -A community where they can access full spectrum wellness supporting mind, body and soul.

  • Market information based on a research survey taken across 3000 individuals in Colorado-

    -Our target market consists of people identifying as women and non binary or genderqueer in the Denver metro area in the age range of 22-50 years old. 

    -They care about a comfortable environment that feels welcoming and safe. 

    -They would frequent the collective 2-3 times per week. 

    -They are willing to invest $40-$100/month on their healthy lifestyle. 

    -They value services like personal training, child care, nutritional aid, massage therapy, therapy/support groups, acupuncture, life coaching, grab and go food, and an esthetician on site.

    -They are also very interested in participating in things like charity events, social activities, classes to learn new skills and professional networking opportunities.

  • Due to the focused target market, I am unable to apply for an SBA loan.  I have researched many loans that I have not qualified for due to being a start up (existing less than two years) and without SBA backing. I have applied for grants and started looking for investors. I am very passionate about the company and the brand and would like to find someone that is also motivated by this concept and understands the huge opportunity here rather than adapting the business plan to be a co-ed facility in order to qualify for SBA. At this time, I'm seeking an investor for between $700k-$1.4m to meet the start up costs. 
  • I am currently 100% owner of the company and have been building the business alone.
  • Thank you for taking the time to read and please reach out for any questions!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who am I? Meghan Nelson

Background: In 2014, I graduated college in Iowa with a degree in Business Management. After college, I got two years of experience at a marketing firm in sales and management in Utah. In 2016, I opened my own sales firm in Colorado and grew the company to cover a territory from Wyoming to Texas with offices in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas totalling at 216 employees and 35 major accounts. I sold the company in December 2019. I then got my certification in personal training through NASM, and began personal training 1x1 and in groups in 2020. After building that clientele and networking within the industry, I realized there was a huge gap in the market for women and non binary people. I became very motivated to fill that gap, and I started working on this business concept and plan.
Passion: My passion in the fitness and wellness field has been long standing. I have personally struggled with an eating disorder since I was 8 years old. My last major relapse was in 2018, and I got a personal trainer to help me. She changed my life. So in January, when it was time to consider my next career move, I knew I wanted to help people with their journey too. This journey goes deeper than just calories and lifting programs. It stems into mental health, financial stability, access to resources, a caring community, and more. I wanted to create a space where I could help support people in all of these aspects. As well as create a space where other professionals in this industry would feel supported and encouraged to use their practice to better the community too.

What is my competition?

Most “women’s gyms” are based around classes, not a full open gym with a variety of fitness styles (example: Delta Life Fitness located in LA) or have an outdated/non inclusive culture (example: Curves). There are a hand full of women only private studio gyms, but these locations are operated by private personal trainers only. There are no public gyms in Colorado exclusive to women and non binary members.   

Traditional gyms allowing open membership are not bad places, but they are not geared toward the specific needs of women/non binary members. Mainly driven by male management and ownership causing a disconnect with female employees and female members. As well as the discomfort found for many women when working out alongside men for fear of harassment and judgement. 

There are some existing “collectives” in Colorado, but there are none that specifically cater to women and non binary people exclusively. Also, they are mainly focused around cosmetic care and the beauty industry - not health, wellness and fitness.

How will COVID 19 impact this?


-I plan to launch in the fall of 2021. 

-This provides ample time for a vaccine to be available to the general public. 

-There is data showing people will be comfortable returning to gyms by that time. 

-There is data showing people will be more conscious of their health and weight due to the climate of 2020. 

-Due to many gyms and businesses closing during 2020, there will be space in the market with less competition. 

-There are no existing companies like this in Denver providing more opportunity as well.



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