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Urban Yoga Foundation: The People's Practice

Building community leaders by educating and integrating Indigenous practices one breath at a time with energy, sound and movement.

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Project Description

  • Our Mission to educate and empower individuals to be proactive with regard to health justice, equity and inclusion. Healing the diaspora and reclaiming indigenous presence to practice, one breath at a time.
  • Our Vision to unify our global community by using mindfulness yoga practices as the foundation for healthy lifestyle choices, academic endeavors, social consciousness and creative expression. 
  • This funding will help provide sustainable practices and trainings for 20 teachers who are committed to partnering with community leaders and serve their communities creating economic  growth with front line support.
  • Our sustainable business model includes: youth training, leadership development, apprenticeships, internships, continuing education for (parents, teachers, health care workers, social workers) presence in practice, integrated enrichment practices, healing arts and mindfulness education for communities in need.
  • Friends, What an amazing opportunity this is for us to engage with people in the community teaching skills that help heal a community. I created this organization with the intention of sustaining an emotional bond with my child and our corner of the world, our home. I was a single mother and as our relationship grew we shared our practice with my daughters friends and subsequently her school. Our home model has continued throughout the years, bringing communities together transforming the idea of a studio into live work space. The UYF team created curriculum and trainings with other volunteers and partners. Recognizing the deep need of wellness practices based on family unity service and support my focus underserved communities with trauma and displacement.
  • I dedicated my life to the mission of reclaiming Indigenous practice, social justice, equity and health advocacy. 25 plus years later UYF teachers, training and curriculum have touched the lives of over 500,000 people living in communities all over the world. UYF has no employees our admin staff and most teachers volunteer. In 2017 we served as wellness partners with Amal Alliance bringing our training and curriculum to Greece serving displaced families from Syria and Congo. In 2018 we announced our vision to create safe spaces of practice with our wellness partners in Senegal.
  • Our Theme for 2020 "Grand Gestures Of  Love." This funding will help provide scholarships to parents, teachers, social workers and all those who want to serve and build our communities.  We teach "The People's Practice", a concept based on the historic truth, wellness and movement of a people for the people.
  • We are seeking funding to build a platform of cultural competency and economic growth for people who live in and teach in the communities they can serve. 
  • We have a need to help cultivate leadership and support those seeking to serve and share. This training will help support the culture around the children providing tools of mindful education and support to those in need. We bring the union that is yoga to those effected by marginalization and displacement.
  • Thank your for sharing space to serve and your contribution in creating wellness together.



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