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Dreams Are Worth Fighting For

Hey #SwimFam,

It's Paulana! I'll be honest. It's been a rigorous few months. As am I traversing through this newly, unbeaten path of entrepreneurship, the lessons I've learned have been invaluable. 

The biggest lesson? Our dreams are connected to each other one way or another. When starting BPWS, our #SwimFam will always tell me that swimming has only been a dream for them. Past clients of mine would tell me that I've helped them make their dream come true. 


Because I followed my dream it helped someone accomplish theirs by conquering their fears of learning how to swim. 


BPWS is bigger than you and I — without a doubt. And, with your support, we are helping people conquer fears and achieve their dreams. 

We are touching those who have only dreamt about swimming. We're turning dreams into reality! *Mind blown emoji*

We're 41% funded in our campaign and our goal by the end of Sept is to bring that number to 50%. Could you help us? If you have donated, share this campaign with someone you know who would benefit from this. If you've done both — WE THANK YOU IMMENSELY! 

Get ready to see the seed you've sown sprout bountifully. 

What is your dream? I want to hear from you. 

Much love,