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Moving Day Went Awesome!

Over the weekend we gathered a variety of wonderful volunteers and packed up 1,600+ women's history books to bring them to their new home. It was Bonnie's fantastic idea to load the books into tote bags. It was Amber's idea to have a bucket brigade and lineup people on the stairs and pass those tote bags up the stairs so that people didn't have to lift too much for too long and no one would have to spend the day going up and down a flight of stairs.  And so 13 volunteers passed tote bags filled with women's history books up a flight of stairs and got them on the shelves. The books left our storage area and arrived on the shelves in less than 3 hours.  It was amazing. It's like we've been planning for this day for years - oh yeah, we have been :) It's been a wonderful dream come true getting this space set up.  We have pictures up on our Facebook page. Grand opening is on Friday. If you are in the area we would love to see you! The space is something wonderful to experience. Thank you all SO much for your support! 

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Dr. Leah Leach, founder of Gal's Guide