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Rewards & We Need Addresses

Tote bags arrived today! Stickers, bookmarks are here. Bonnie's art cards arrive tomorrow. VIP items will be picked up and finished on Saturday. Preview party invited have been emailed out. Podcast will be recorded once we're in the new location.  

We are starting to assemble all your pack all your physical goodies to have them ready for pick up in March.

Now, if you need your items shipped to you, we will need your address. For some reason, IFundWomen didn't seem to require address collection and doesn't seem to have a button to request it. 

Please email your name and address to and we will get items shipped out as soon as they are ready.  

Also, wanna see the pretty tote bags, bookmarks, and compass sticker? Check out our Twitter pic.

Can't wait to get these wonderful items to you! 

Read on, Galactic Glamazons! 

Dr. Leah Leach, founder of Gal's Guide