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"Care Bear" shares are up!

We are working on getting those glorious rewards ordered, delivered and shared. Today we updated the Gal's Guide website to include all our glorious backers who donated $5+

See your name in all its splendor on our Supporters page

If your name is spelled wrong or somehow we missed it, email us at and we'll get that fixed ASAP. 

As far as other reward tiers, we have started the hand-written notes, we have the bookmarks ready to go, and we ordered the compass logo sticker. Yay! 

Lots more to do but we're working on the rewards as well as opening the library March 6th. It's a hard-working balancing act that we are grateful to have. 

Read on, Galactic Glamazons! 

Leah Leach, founder of Gal's Guide