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Sticker Party Accomplished!

We had a great time and great success at our Sticker Party last night! 

Nine volunteers helped with sorting books and removing price tags, UPC codes, previous library stickers and even return address labels of previous owners! 

A little more than half of the books in our 1,300+ collection have stickers that need to be removed to get ready for library checkouts. Last night we cleaned up 100 books by safely removing their stickers. Thank goodness our library manager, Bonnie, is an artist and knew what paper safe materials to buy and what methods to use. 

It was lovely to see our volunteers excited and surprised by the books in the collection. Thanks to Katie, we have pictures up on our Facebook page. I think this link will work

We are planning another sticker party on Galentine's Day Feb 13. I'll be sure to post the event page when it's set up! The parties are a lot of fun! Hope to see you at the next one! 

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Dr. Leah Leach, founder of Gal's Guide