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Meeting Updates

It was big week of meetings and asking for meetings all to try to find an in-kind location for the March pop-up. 

First meeting was with our local library. The meeting went great, she loved our proposal, thought our plan was solid and that we shouldn't have a problem getting a location. Now the library doesn't have space for us this March, they are already booked. There is a possibility for a later pop-up. They also talk about their success in using the farmer's market as a pop-up. 

Next two meetings didn't happen. One was a networking event but because the city was under a water boiling warning it was moved to a day that I had another meeting scheduled. The other meeting on the same day was a phone call appointment where the gal I was going to talk to got slammed at work. 

Next meeting was downtown Indy about an area that is going for a revamp and could possibly love a location such as ours. Networking, emails and phone calls have been sent out. Nothing back yet. 

The phone call meeting was rescheduled but again wasn't able to connect. 

In between these meetings I've been emailing and messaging organizations, companies, and individuals about a possible lead on in-kind spaces for March.

The overall responses I'm getting are "That's a great idea!" "That needs to exist!" but action and funding haven't been as forthcoming. 

I have two big mayorial meetings coming up...

On Wednesday I have a meeting with a gal in a mayor's office. Next Monday (after the campaign ends) I have a direct meeting with a mayor.

I don't know if I should extend the campaign until the face-to-face meeting with the Mayor? Just in case they say yes, we will still need to get to $2,500 to even be able to pull this off. 

What do you think? 

Extend the campaign to Tuesday, January 28? 

Keep the campaign at Friday, January 24?

Also, wish me luck!