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Volunteer Event and Big Meetings!

After an AMAZING amount of boost in donations on Saturday, we are 11% funded of our goal. However, I have meetings every day this week to talk to Mayors, chamber members, local public library staff, and business owners to see about a possible in-kind space for our pop up. If we can get a free space our minimum goal is $2,500. Luckily we are 60% of that goal!! 

Remaining hopeful and sticking with our plan, we are having a volunteer event on Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 20, 7pm-9pm in Noblesville, IN.

Gal’s Guide has collected over 1,300 women’s history books from various sources. Some of the books still have price tags or previous library stickers and barcodes. We need to get these books cleaned up so that they are ready to be checked out and on display.

Many hands make light work so we are hosting a sticker party! We need volunteers to help remove previous stickers and their gunk remnants without harming the books. If you are in the area and interested here is the link:

13 days left of the campaign! Keep spreading the word, again we don't have a marketing budget, we are all volunteers working on this library because we believe in it and we love it so much! Share your passion for the library with friends and family. It really helps! 

We can do this! 

Let's make history! 

Dr. Leah Leach, Founder of Gal's Guide to the Galaxy