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Tanya's Fibroid Story

For those of you who don't know my story, you can read all the details here:

My story is a perfect illustration of what #WeKNOW stands for.  In a nutshell, I not only struggled with whether to do anything about my fibroid (singular - I had a single VERY LARGE one), I struggled to find both the right procedure (myomectomy)  and the right provider (Dr. Nathan Mordel) for me.  By reaching out to my community of womenfriends, and hearing their stories, I was able to find the procedure and provider (thank you, Kim Janke!) that worked for me.  To be blunt, I would not have my uterus today w/out other women sharing their fibroid stories (positive AND negative) with me.  Do not take this to mean that that outcome would not have made sense for another woman, it was just not what I wanted and did not feel right FOR ME at the time.  I paid it forward by publishing a story through my blog and on social media and was met with a TON of women who had similar stories or were looking for similar information.  Helping those women, including my cousin, (who had her myomectomy 2 weeks ago) has been a joy and proven to me that a tool to bring the worldwide community of women and their stories together is so needed... #storieschangeoutcomes - I am living proof!