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APRIL 2021

I know I haven't been seeming to be working on Comb Inc. but I have. With Covid it turned my life a bit upside down.
But I am working continuously behind the "Screen". 

  • Redesigned  the ENTIRE frontend of Comb Inc.'s  Website : 
  • PLUS! I am teaching myself  how to do the back end programming for the Memberships, Differrent Profiles, Logins, seperate Messaging & Social Feeds.
  • I am also working on a Collaboration Membership which will be given a Media Kit (I am also working on) when talent/business sign up. Collaboration Memberships will have full acess to all of Comb Inc Profiles & Content. 
  • I am also working on the Education HUB Section:
  • This HUB will consist of every Professional Advance Education Classes available.  It will have a calendar so professionals and businesses can see.  NOT ONLY  Education Classes will be present on the calendar.  Events & Contests which companies are doing in the Personal Appearance Industry. This is large task so I am starting with one company and go to the next. 

The goal for Comb Inc is to be "THE PLACE" for Professionals & Businessess in the Personal Appearance Industry to go to for Prospects, Education, Socialization and Networking with their peers. 

This is the main purpose I am developing a "Collaboration Membership" to gain more awareness about Comb Inc and to be able to have more content to use.  

I am doing all of this soley, so it takes time.  I will be updating my ifundwomen page with in the next few days.