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The official launch of our iFund Women campaign!

Unearth Women was born from my frustrations as a woman in media. Throughout my career, I had faced sexism, been underpaid, and been denied bylines considered better suited to a man to report on. Last year, when I found myself laid off from a male-run publication where I spent more time cleaning the office kitchen than being heard, I decided enough is enough. With nothing to lose, I dreamt up a media company that would champion women, pay female content creators for their work, and share women’s stories around the world.

Starting a business without money is a risk, and choosing to pay our writers before paying ourselves was advised against, but my partners Kelly LewisElise Spencer and I REFUSED to perpetuate the problem of women not being paid. We stayed true to paying our writers, photographers, videographers, and everyone who touched Unearth Women, even if it meant digging into our pockets.

This past year, we stayed true to our commitment to pay our primarily female content creators while growing Unearth Women into an internationally sold magazine, a digital publication, co-branded trips, and more. Today, we are launching an iFund Women campaign in hopes of raising money to continue our commitment to paying women for their creative work.

Thank you for visiting our campaign page and supporting our mission!

Nikki Vargas