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We Did It - UpLove Bridal Eco Boutique is OPEN!!!

Thanks to all the generous contributors on this amazing platform, along with the help and support of my local community, UpLove Bridal & More is now officially OPEN. What a blessing!

All the cash I could raise had to be spent on renovating the dilapidated (but affordable) building, so I didn’t have very much inventory to put in my shop. But a friend purchased a lot of over 500 pre-loved gowns and consigned them with me so that the shop would be full on opening day. Another huge blessing!

The renovations took much longer than expected, so I had to open my doors in January. This is typically the worst time possible to open a shop in this mountain community, but I had no choice. Rent was due.

I didn’t have any budget left for media marketing so I opened my shop and posted on social media. A LOT! Then I sat and waited and sewed gowns and prayed.

Miraculously, brides started coming into the shop to look for a gown or ask about alterations. Yes – I LOVE doing alterations. Could I re-design her mother’s gown to fit her? Yes, of course!

Word of mouth has spread, and now just 7 weeks later I am able to pay all the bills. I’ve even been able to hire a couple of local seamstresses part-time to help me with the alterations.

There is no way I could have done this without the generous support of the iFundWomen contributors and my local community, and I am so, so SO happy and grateful!

My next goal is to launch my line of sustainable, romantic day-wear. Yes, I will be posting a new campaign here on 

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank you again,