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We are 100% funded AND we set a new stretch goal of $10k. WHY?

Yes. That's all been planned, you see... in order for us to produce the first batch of The Hair Fuel – we needed that first $5,000 to get us over the line. Hair growth is a holistic process and you need the external support: think The Hair Fuel; as well as internal support: think supplements. So we are raising additional funds to get that ball rolling and develop a hair supplement that will make your hair grow.

Be mindful, with that, since you'll be blowing your paychecks at the hairdresser – as you'll need to cut it so often! (no jokes here... I personally had to stop using the mask when I wanted to keep my hair shoulder-length...)

We are raising our goal to $10k (we called it "Magic Hair Goal") and once we reach that... well... we have more exciting plans in store for you! ;) 

Laura xoxo