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Recap: Project Voice 2020 Rising Voices Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our Rising Voices Scholars for finishing our mentorship program!

I cannot believe that it’s been a month already since the launch of our mentorship program. Every month, I had the pleasure of sitting in at each of our fellow mentors’ modules: Teri Yuan of En(gender)ed on Branding & Storytelling, Niki Torres of Chief Best Friends on Marketing, and J.J. Queurbin of Project Voice on Audio Editing. Today was our last day of classes (our final module, Launching Your Podcast, was led by yours truly).

Despite the unprecedented and difficult times that we are still in right now, every Rising Voices Scholar rose above and beyond our expectations - from attending all the modules to completing their homework to asking questions when they had them and to offering advice and support for each other when they could.

I’m very proud to see the progress that every one of our mentees has made within such a short time period. Not only that, I’m also super grateful to know that I have such a talented team of mentors to work with these past few months - they’ve been such a wonderful resource and support system. One of my goals while spearheading this program is to make sure that mentors have an enjoyable experience throughout this program as well - and it seems like we all did! We all learned a lot from each other and our mentees.

If you’re seeking mentors in the podcasting industry, I’d highly recommend reaching out to Teri, Niki, and J.J. I hope to see our Project Voice mentors continue sharing their knowledge with the rest of our community.

We as mentors of the Rising Voices Scholarship Program look forward to showing our continued support and guiding our mentees to the official launch date of their podcast. Please keep your eyes out for the launch of 4 podcast series this fall!

In solidarity,

Jessica Nguyen

Founder & Co-Host of Project Voice