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OMG look where we finished!

We finished the campaign!

We raised $18,074.00. All 258 of you.

With a few checks received in the mail and Venmo contribution that flooded in last night, we actually raised close to $19K with a lot more backers than what shows in the campaign page.

Thank you to all the businesses who donated bonus rewards or opened their doors to host an event.

Thank you to my Inner Circle.

Thank you to the Alpha Female Sisterhood.

Thank you those who shared the campaign by word of mouth, email, and their social media. 

Thank you.

I've learned so much during the iFundWomen campaign. Your generosity and support taught me that a community is the most powerful resource a person with a goal, a dream, a wish, manifesting can have. 

I'm dedicated to empowering women by helping them claim their authentic power and trust their intuition to change the world. 

And, thanks to all of you, more women can play big so that they can!

With joy and gratitude,